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By Meiraj sify - Nov 10, 2004 5032 AN ADULT STORY, TO BE READ BY ADULTS AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE.This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit. Thisstory may be freely distributed for personal use with this noticeattached. All characters and events depicted in this story arepurely fiction. There is no Intention in any manner to representor mimic, any real world situations or persons.----------------------------------------------------------------
CHAPTER 1: BAD NEWS KINDLES AN IDEAIt all began when the doctor revealed that I was the problem whymy wife wasn't getting pregnant. "You don't have enough sperm andwhat little there is just too weak" the doctor said in aprofessional tone as my wife and I heard the disastrous news. Hethen discussed the various options available to us, such as usingdonor semen, in-vitriol conception, adoption etc., The in-vitriolor in-the-dish conception was too expensive, I did not like theidea of donor semen, god knows whose it is and what the childmight look like. Adoption would involve two years or more ofwaiting and that would be somebody's child not our own. "Nicole is devastated at the news, but she says she still lovesme, and doesn't blame me. We only have to wait a year or twountil we can get the money to use an alternative fertilizationmethod." I told my mother after appraising the situation to her.She wanted a grandchild very badly. It was her goading that hadmade us try to have a child. We talked about it again after a few days. Mother said she hadcame up with an idea that wouldn't cost us anything and that thechild would look like me. She quickly caught my attention, because I wanted the child to look like a blend of my dear wifeand me. That would be impossible if we used some stranger donor'ssemen."I know you and he don't get along well. You should put thatbehind you now. You are in need of semen of high sperm count, andyour brother is big, strong and athletic. Why not let him be thesperm donor to your wife?" asked my mother.I was speechless upon hearing mother's thoughts. "Y-You c-can'tbe serious! You-You know how I despise him. Th-The way he-heused to treat me in high school. Th-The things he used to sayabout me. Plus, he-he was always your favorite anyway. "Thatm-must be why y-you're suggesting that. H-He's ..." "I know, I know, ... You've said it before. But that was longago. You're the brainy one now and I am proud of you -- thecollege professor. Just think about what I am proposing. Justmull it over, consider it. Isn't what I'm suggesting logical?Think how strong and beautiful your child will be! It will all bein the family, and your wife can be in the family way in no time.But of course we will have to get Nick to accept the idea."As I collected my thoughts, I had to admit mother was right. Heridea was a perfect solution except for the fact that I hated myolder brother Nick. He was athletic but egotistical and alwaysdowngraded me because I was not into sports and other 'manlystuff' as he called it. He also made fun of me for not beingforward with the girls. He was a charmer with the chicks.When mother gets an idea there is no talking her out. So hopingto let her drop it in stages I said I would think about it andthat Nicole and I would have to discuss and consider alternativesand options in the coming days. I was sure Nicole would never go along with having Nick donatehis semen for her to be impregnated with. She had met Nick only afew times and what she knew about him was from me. I knew shewould not entertain mother's crazy idea. She was a perfect wife-- every inch, each ounce. I didn't want to even mention the ideafor fear that her sensibility would be outraged.Nonetheless, as husbands often do, later that night, I opened mymouth and put my foot in it. We were in bed having a pillow talk.Nicole was holding my penis and playing with it in its usual semiinflated state at that time of the night. I could not help butreport to her the conversation I had with mother - Mother'sridiculous idea of asking Nick to donate his semen. Wanting herto be strongly opposed to her mother-in-law's idea, I said it wassomething we should think about, casually mentioning that he andI had never gotten along. She had on several occasions heard medescribe him as having been a prick and a bully to me. She becamefidgety as she always does when she becomes fuming angry towardsher mother-in-law but never shows it as my mother and I have aclose relationship. Reassuringly she continued to make play-doughof my penis, which I enjoy very much. She said she would handlemother if she ever brought it up again, gave me a good nightkiss, and turned the other way and dozed off to sleep. I knew shewas capable of handling mother gently but firmly. With thatthought I fell off to sleep but not before feeling that perhaps Ishould never have brought up the subject at all. She must have thought about it all next day. For as soon as wehit the bed, she opened the topic, "After all he is family and wewouldn't have to wait any longer to start a family. You know howbad I want to be a mother." I was shocked and just looked at herwith bewildered eyes. She continued, " I know you two guys areopposite of each other, you are an academic scholar and he is asports jock and a bully to you. You are a steady and solid and heis fleeting and a loose canon. But just theoretically speakingdon't you think something like this might bring you two closer, and help him settle down in life?" There was innocence in her bigeyes and her genuine concern to bring the two brothers together.`Highly unlikely' I tersely replied. There was an obvious quiverin my voice. I do not want to see him or his virile semencouriered in cold icepack or hot in a thermos. And I don't wantit especially anywhere near my wife."That's what I think too, " she said. "Besides I do not believe inmaking a baby by pouring seeds from a test tube; a human babymust be a product of the passionate union of a man and a woman, both in the throes of an emotional arousal with heartspulsating, " she said smiling, ostensibly to calm me, by giving ita new slant. What she said served its purpose. I calmed down quick andextended her humor line, "Yes, with heavy breathing, and breastagainst breast, thighs within thighs, pestle pounding the pea" Iadded laughing. We laughed for our jokes and kissed and laughedagain. We were in the same wavelength, in perfect agreement. Ifelt much relieved that the idea of semen transplantation had metits inevitable death. CHAPTER 2: A MOTHER'S HELPI was wrong. In the next two weeks I got extra busy at work as Iwas teaching an intense two week short course in addition to myusual schedule. Nicole mentioned receiving luncheon invitationfrom mother. I think she went out twice. I knew she was handlingmother in her own way. She also mentioned my sister dropping inonce or twice. I thought it was odd because Sis had done thatwere rarely. I was conscientious in my work, and worked long hours.Nonetheless, a hard working man is also a man, and has manlyneeds. Besides I had many pretty coeds in my evening classes.Naturally I'd be quite horny when I came home. I wanted to makelove to my beautiful petite wife. But we started beginning andending with her playing play-dough with my staff, bending it thisway, that way, folding it in half, squeezing, pummeling. She gavelove smacks, thwacks, whacks, and wallops. My manhood enjoyed herhandling it like that. She was sweet and at her utmost womanlytenderness when she did that, cooing and mooing and making allkinds of silly noises like with biting, chewing, gnawing, nibbling, hissing and kissing. But that sort of play-doughingcan't be done if the penis is fully erect. So, I had developedthe knack of keeping it pliable by mentally reciting 'Hail Mary'and 'Our Father'. They were probably wrong mantras, but theyworked for me. That my mother's idea was not totally dead came to me on one suchnight when she started to play-dough me, but she stopped midway, to go get some pictures of a kid - shots from different angles.They were computer pictures of face only. The kid looked about2-3 years old, kind of cute. Couldn't tell boy or girl. She askedwhat I thought of the kid, who did the kid resemble, was Ireminded of any kind I knew. I scratched my head and it came to me suddenly, "Hey, you'vegotten my childhood picture computer enhanced. I look cute, andattractive don't I?" I said.She was smiling. "Could it be my childhood picture?" she askedsounding mischievous. Puzzled, I looked at her and I looked atthe pictures again. "Yes, could be, yes, from some angles it doeslook like you. Where were you hiding this, I think I have seenall your childhood pictures, " I said. "Look again, " she said, "Could it be a blend of you and me, computer wizardry?"I was flabbergasted. I looked at her, I looked at the pictures, Iremembered my pictures of when I was 2 or 3. "Yes, it is a blendof you and me. Definitely so. Wouldn't it be nice if our childlooked like that, " I said. "Your sister has gotten it done somewhere. She brought it overthis afternoon. She said, if Nick made me pregnant, that is whatthe child will look like! She has gotten my face and Nick's faceblended." Needless to say I was floored to my bones. My penis shrank to itssmallest. She had continued to play with it off and on with onehand while we were looking at the pictures. She must have seen myutter distress and the sweat that was forming on my forehead. Sheslid down into the bed and hugged me in a reassuring way. "Honey, relax. You know I am not that kind of a woman. I wouldn't go toNick just to have a baby, not behind your back. You know, yoursister is just as crazy as your mother!"We hugged tight and kissed hard with all the passion we felt foreach other. I made love to her. I had not fucked her in two weeksor more. My pecker had surprisingly stayed hard for the necessaryduration. I pumped her like there was no tomorrow. I peaked firstas usual, and she peaked right behind me. I could tell she wassatisfied, or pretty close to it. I was satisfied that she wassatisfied. We fell asleep in each other's arms. I woke up sometime in the early hours of the morning. I waswide-awake. I could not help my mind looking back with deepsatisfaction the lovemaking scenario I had just gone through afew hours earlier. I could feel a smile on my face. The words shehad uttered also played back, "I am not that kind of a woman. Iwouldn't go to Nick just to have a baby, not behind your back."What did she mean by 'not behind my back?' Why had she calledhim Nick, as if she was familiar with him, whereas it was always'your brother Nick.' Why had she said 'not go to Nick just tohave a baby, ' what else would she want to have in addition?Doubts, doubts, doubts. I could not sleep the rest of the night.The sound of the alarm clock was sweet. I was huffy at breakfast, hardly ate any. I could sense Nicole feeling I was behavingweird, especially after great sex. I was angry with myself forall the weird thoughts that had come to me at night. I knew myfeelings were at odds with those of Nicole. After great sex shealways felt happy and gay like a butterfly.Later in the morning I phoned home and apologized for my mood inthe morning. She said she could understand my drained out moodand in turn apologized for milking me dry. Yes, her pussy had away of squeezing out every drop of juice in my manhood. I couldnot tell her that it was my doubts and lack of sleep that hadleft me feeling as I did. Anyway for the next 2-3 days we did nothave many interactions. I came home late after normal bedtime forher or she came late from her girls' night out after I had fallenasleep. It was Friday when we went to bed together and in good mood. Iwanted her to play-dough me. We were exchanging notes aboutmundane events of the day as we lay together. I interjected, "Your play-dough is ready", as I drew her close to me. "I will dothat for you if you promise to suck my pussy", she said. She puther hand where it should have already been, and added, "youbetter become a good pussy sucker". She kissed me thrusting hertongue into my dazed mouth, swirling it left and right, up anddown, touching the tip of my tongue and swirling it round andround: sealing our lips to lips, she sucked hard like a vacuum, making my cheeks cave in. Obviously those were instructions onhow to suck her pussy. I had not been much of a pussy eater, hadbeen clumsy, and could only eat pussy on a single breath havingto surface up frequently for air. She didn't like suchsucker-interrupts. So we had practically given up oral sex, except for special occasions. So, her new demand, withinstructions on how to, baffled me. I couldn't figure out whatthe special occasion was for which she wanted me to lick herpussy and tickle her clit with my tongue. But I knew it had to bea special occasion for her, to want me to do so even if I was nottoo competent at it. To add to my puzzlement she transformed herleisurely handwork on me to quick and vigorous long strokes andjerked me off quick, in spite of my protesting moans, groans, grunts, and whimpers. I surmised that she was in a hurry to getto her turn. Before I could wipe myself off she commanded withearnestness in her voice, "Quick, put your kisser on RascalNicole's cunt". Realizing her need, I did the best I could, andshe had a rousing orgasm. Nicole reserved pussy eating and lewd language for specialoccasions like a birthday or an anniversary or a special nightout on the town. Decision to buy our home, decision to buy a car, decision to go on a summer holiday and such other decisions werealso celebrated by such pussy work and lewd sexy language. Onsuch occasions she would dispense with romantic lovemaking. Shewould use words like fuck prick, cunt, kisser, bugger, and suchother words were use. She would just sit on my face and rub herpussy all over my face, plug my nose to it and eventually get mytongue in. Sometimes she would want the tip of my tongue totickle her anus. On such occasions she called herself as "RascalNicole". After her rousing orgasm she fell into sleep like a lamb. Withall the taste of her in my mouth and her juices drying on spotson my face, I had a throbbing hard on which I did not want. Iwanted to think. But the musky taste and smell and the throbbingin my prick were robbing the clarity of my thinking. Thethrobbing was com completely out of place, especially because she hadjust jerked me off. After much tossing and turning and tellingmyself that whatever the special occasion was would eventuallybecome known, I slipped off to sleep.A couple of days later while we were mutually comfortablypositioned in bed, she complemented me on the pussy sucking job Ihad done a couple of nights ago. She said she was fortunate tohave a husband like me who knew how to please his wife. She saidshe was conferring the honor of sucking her pussy exclusively onme, and never let anyone else do it, even if she were ever totake a lover.Boldly I asked, "Why, are you thinking of taking a lover?" Shelooked at me like I had grossly offended her and replied curtly, "Is the Queen of England a Catholic?" We both laughed andtickled each other before falling asleep. Between tickles andgiggles she said she would never make me suck out sloppy secondsas they do in some ASSTR stories. It was thus quite by accidentthat it slipped out of her that she had been reading the naughtystories in the ASSTR collections. I could only hope that herfavorite collection was not the same as mine. And I don't knowwhy I like the cde collection and the like. Between giggles she had also made me promise that I would kissand suck her pussy and give a tongue massage to her clit whenevershe opened her thighs wide, day or night, in bed or not. Heropening the thighs wide would be the signal, no words, and nolanguage. It amazes me to no end how husbands get trained to dothings for wives based on subtle signals such as a look, a smile, and a finger movement. No wonder we are referred to as 'stupidhusbands', and I am a living proof myself.Anyway, following the night of giggles and promises, I waswide-awake early in the morning. My mind was clear. It dawned onme that the special occasion night of a couple of days ago was tomark an important decision she had made - to explore the ideathat my sister had put in her head. This became apparent to memuch later. It was also later that I realized that having made adecision, she went about things methodically, objectively andstep by step. I have always felt pride about her systematic andorganized approach to things and tasks.Two or three weeks went by without anything special to reportexcept that I would find her thighs wide open sometimes in themiddle of the night and sometimes early in the morning upon herreturn from the bathroom after emptying her bladder. And I put mymouth to work and kept my husband's word (and work) of honor. Shewas full of joy and full of love for me. Cooked all my favoritedishes and mended all my torn socks. Sent me off to work withkisses and hugs and welcomed me home in the same way. She alsojerked me off tenderly, and with lots of sweet kissing andcooing, taking her time to play- dough me enough to make me riseto the occasion. But my work pressures kept me from rising to theoccasion every time, although in my mind I was always risen.It was a Wednesday night and a transformer went out at schoolcausing the building where I taught to lose power. Class wasexcused three hours early. Thank goodness for small favors Ithought as I drove home. Not having been by to see mother in awhile, I decided to surprise her and stop by for a bit beforegoing home and surprising Nicole too, by coming home at a decenthour.As I turned the corner to mom's house. I noticed a couple of carsin the driveway along side my mother's. Obviously mother washaving her bridge club or some visitors. I debated whether tostop or drive on. I thought I would just say hi and bye even ifshe had visitors. I rang the doorbell but was surprised when mysister opened it. Mother was right behind her. They just stoodthere looking at me, like they had not seen me for a long longtime. Mother finally asked "what brings you to my neck of thewoods son? I would love to ask you to come in, but I have somehouse guests, " and she gestured upstairs. My sister made soundsof agreement. Adding she said, "Nicole phoned here for you, shesaid she had called your office too but you were not there". I couldn't help thinking of Nicole needing me with her thighswide open. When a woman needs it, she needs it in a hurry. Thepulse quickened in me. I said, "OK, bye, I am on my way". Iquickly got in my car and tore off towards home. After I haddriven perhaps 20 minutes and close to home, I recalled thatMother's TV had been on and on high volume. I also recalled thatone of the cars on her driveway had looked familiar. The more Istrained my memory to recall what I had seen, the more it lookedlike Nicole's car. It couldn't have been, I told myself. Whywould she call there looking for me, and be there at the sametime? It did not make any logical sense. I was already close tohome and I didn't feel like driving all the way back there justto check out some devil of a mind's doubts. When I went home, all there was a scribbled note from Nicole."Honey, I have some out of state friends in town and I may begoing to a ball game with them and to a dinner and what not. Imay be late. Don't wait up for me. There is stuff to microwave. Ihave also kept a couple of beers in the frig. I think there isbaseball on TV tonight; may be you can bring your bat out andpretend play. I love you darling." Accordingly I warmed the foodand sat down with it in front of the TV to watch the ball game.My team was hitting and hitting hard. On the victorious finalball I took out my bat and trashed hard and fast just as Nicolehad wanted me, celebrating my team's victory to the roar of thecrowd.I must have dozed off on the sofa. When I woke up in the weehours, the TV was going zigzag. Obviously Nicole was not home yetor else she would have turned the TV off and covered me with ablanket. I became wide awake and my sister's face came to mind, her face, as I was leaving mother's house, to hurry home toNicole. The face had a smirk on it. I was not sure if I wasimagining it, or my storehouse of memory was putting it out nowwith much clarity. Could it be that my mother and sister were inconspiracy and that Nicole was also right there upstairs? Andwith Nick? What could they have been doing? Why were mother andsister in such great hurry to get rid of me? Why was the TVvolume so loud? I remembered mother's upstairs floor creaked!Yes, the higher volume of the TV was to hide the creakingupstairs. I guess I am a bit like that detective characterColumbo. It felt good that I had begun to put the pieces of thepuzzle together. Or, had I? Was the puzzle just in myimagination? I remembered having read somewhere that a suspiciousman is an inadequate man. But I am an adequate man. So I toldmyself that I should not give in to suspicious thoughts. I musthave fallen off into slumber again. CHAPTER 3: PRODUCTIVE HOMEWORKI woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee. Nicole makes the bestbacon and the best coffee. At breakfast I asked Nicole how herevening out was, and she chirped happily that it was great funand that she would tell me all about it when I had some time. AsI was leaving for work she asked if I could come home early, asshe wanted to discuss a few things she had been working at. Mycuriosity went up and I promised to be home early. Good thing Idid not have any late afternoon or evening classes to teach thatday.I did get home early. And the dinner was my favorite dish. Nicoleis a fantastic cook when she has the time. After dinner anddishes we settled down on the chaise in the living room with ourfavorite wine. We had had some jovial banter during dinnerremembering some old times. She seemed to want to hang on to thatmood. Obviously she had some misgivings on the discussion shewanted. I was curious but also had a vague gnawing fear. I tookthe initiative and ventured, "Well you wanted me home early andhere I am. What did you want to discuss, shoot, " I quipped.She seemed glad I opened the agenda. She preambled, "Francishoney, promise to be quiet and hear me out. I will lay it outcom completely and honestly before you. Then we have choices tomake. I will always love you no matter what choice you make." "You know that I have been looking forward to having a baby, tohold, to cuddle, to nurture. I want to feel what it is like to bea mother, what is to be making a child in my womb, to feel thechild kicking and turning in my tummy. And I know how much youwant us to have a baby. We have tried and tried and have found wecan't. And you know it is not my fault." I was listening intently to what she was saying. It was obviouswhose fault it was. It was mine, but I did not say anything. Iknow when to keep quiet. She continued, "I don't want you to behurt by this, but you know your sperm count is low, very lowindeed. It will not be a healthy child even if by some fluke Iconceive your baby. I also believe that a happy human child comesout of a passionate sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.You know that our sex life has not been that for a long time now.You have yourself said that God did not make you a well-hunghunk. But I still love you. You are a wonderful, kind and caringman, very understanding and accommodative to your woman. Therearen't many men like you. I want to grow old with you. I want youto understand that."I was all ears to what she was saying. What all she had said wastrue. I was nodding my head in agreement, giving her positivefeedback to continue what she had to say. I was thankful she hadnot mentioned the low volume of my juice, its watery thinness, and the rarity of my shaft achieving full hardness or its speedycollapse. In a way it is nice to put everything on the table in aserious discussion. But she had put just the seminal points. Thatsufficed. She shifted and repositioned herself on the love seat, looked atme to see if it was okay to go on, and continued. "Darling, Idon't have to tell you that love is different from sex, asdifferent as gender is from sex. I am a passionate, lusty, all-American girl. I am in my bloom, I want sex and I want ababy. Your brother Nick is capable of giving me both. And as youknow your own mother and sister are for it. But as you know thathas been a distasteful idea for me because I have been a one-manwoman. What I had heard about Nick had made it doubly distastefulto me. I want you to understand that." And she looked at meintently to see if I was with her so far, and I was. I conveyedas much by gestures and gutturals and especially with my eyes.Yes, a husband's eyes can transmit genuine communication, especially of love and empathy.Nicole continued, "A few weeks ago, your mother suggested that Iat least meet Nick and verify first hand, the second handimpressions I have of him. She noted that I should be objective, unbiased and trust my intuitions. Your mother has her faults butshe is a wise woman..."I didn't like the turn her words had taken and tried tointerject, "But, Nicole, do you mean to." She cut me short witha highly disapproving look, "Francis, dear, I asked you to listenand hear me out before you say anything. Would you? Please let mefinish." I should have known better than to interrupt my systematic andorganized wife. So, I took on an attentive posture again. Forsome reason, there was a stirring in my loins; I guess an excitedanticipation to hear the conclusions from her unbiased andobjective observations of big bully Nick. She continued, "So farI have met him four times, the first was at your mother's, over acup of coffee and home baked cake. Mother and he talked mostly, on kinds of things that you and she talk. I mostly observed him, his mannerisms, and tried to assess his underlying attitudes andorientations. He came across as a regular guy, like any of yourcolleagues, except that he is a big guy with a deep manly voicethat the broadcast industry would like."I was beginning to fume, telling myself, 'There he does it again, charming the lady with his deep voice.' I knew he was a snake andwas going to strike. The snake in me was also rising, as if tostrike him back, venom for venom. I controlled my anger to hearmore of what she had to say. Nicole could tell I was not happy at what I was hearing. Sheadded reassurance, "I know you're becoming upset. I know I havegone and done this investigating behind your back, but only topresent you with the findings, and for us to make some importantlife decisions. Now let me tell you about my second impression ofhim. I met him for lunch at Totollinis. I observed his tablemanners and his choice of the menu. He has become a vegetarian. Itried to draw him out on critical issues you and I hold dear, like world peace, ecology, music and arts. Except in music, histastes and orientations are similar to ours. He likes liftingweights and makes it a point to work out regularly. He watcheshis weight and what he eats. He has dabbled a bit in theater, hastaken lessons in martial arts, and computer imaging. He said thatmany years ago he had written some erotica but did not make anyattempt to seek publication. We sat for a long time, but he was athorough gentleman. He was respectful of me and he expressedregret that he had mistreated you and bullied you when he was ayoung brat. He feels very protective towards you now and is proudthat you surpassed him in scholastics and have become aprofessor. He said he would be sending over a superduper laptopfor you that he no longer needs. I tried to decline on yourbehalf, but he would not listen. It came a couple of days ago andI have it in the attic, wanting to give you this narration first.Don't you think that's really nice of him? It shows he has acaring and sharing nature." "Did you ask him to make you pregnant?" I shot at her, discardingall the biodata she had carefully compiled.Nicole looked at me with a kind and understanding expression. "OhFrancis, you have been traumatized in your teens. May be weshould explore some sort of therapy for you. But I am inclined tothink it might just suffice if the two of you got together, shookhands and gave hugs to each other." I wanted to add, "and kisseson the cheeks as they do in the middle-east." Instead I ate mywords and quickly counted to ten backwards. She continued withobvious pity in her eyes, "Francis, you are jumping toconclusions. I will put it categorically, emphatically anddefinitively - no, he did not jump me. Satisfied? Do you think Iam a bitch? You know I am not that kind of a woman. I want us tothink together and make some intelligent life-choices. We want tobe a family. We want a child. I am telling you all as it is. Willyou please keep your wild thoughts on leash? Will you hear me outor shall I stop?" I felt very much chastised. Her rebuke was justified. I had beenjumping to conclusions. I told myself I should have more trust inmy wife, more than in my mother and sister. I apologized in achided voice, "I am sorry honey, I guess I have been edgy withall this talk about Nick. May be it is my own venom that I haveshifted to him. Yes, please continue. I promise I will hear youout as you wish. Your wish is my command, my queen'" I tried toinject some humor to make up for the coarse words I had uttered."That is better. I accept your apologies. Let me continue wherewas I? Yes, for our third meeting I met him at his apartment.Now, don't jump to conclusions again. I wanted a quiet place toadminister some personality and psychological tests like theMMPI, the Inkblot test and the TAT. I also gave him anaggressiveness-assertiveness test to see if he was still a bully.He answered them all patiently. And his bulliness score was verylow, the personality scores showed him to be amiable and histhought processes were no different than what you would expect ina horny single guy." She gave a pleased smile and blushedslightly, but quickly continued not wanting me to butt into hernarrative report. "I had earlier taken a quick tour of his home.He had it neat, clean and orderly. I did not find anythingunwholesome or objectionable except stacks of Playboy and thelike and in his bedroom some posters of provocative sex kittens.That is quite understandable for a single guy. I looked for anysouvenir panty collection he may have, but did not find any."I found an interval to pose a question, "How about hispsychological test scores? Don't you think it needs an expert tointerpret them?""Yes, I was just about to come to it. I am no expert as yourightly pointed out. I had them scored and interpreted by myfriend in the Psych department without revealing the identity ofthe respondent. I must say the tests gave him a positive profile.My amateurish interpretation turned out to be OK."My mind forgot its resolve again and went abuzz. Her going to hisapartment was not at all right. God knows what message it senthim. The two of them, alone in his apartment, and he was agentleman? His crotch must have bulged. She must have seen it.Her needs didn't get the better of her? She didn't melt into him?Give me a break! Just listening to her narrative was puttingtingles in my crotch. Naturally my thoughts started runningfaster than her words, and my head was getting overloaded; I hadto have a break. "Nicole, honey, would you like a drink, you havebeen talking a whole lot, you must be thirsty, " I interjectedwanting a break to regain my mental composure. While I fixed drinks she went to take a leak. I needed one too.When I came back she was on her back on the sofa, with her thighswide open and her pussy staring at me. She knew where she wantedmy stamp of approval. And I knew where she wanted me to stick mystamp of approval. Also, she must have also figured out mythoughts that as a married woman it was not proper for her tohave gone alone to his apartment. And for this she knew sheshould be whipped and lashed out. By opening her thighs wide andwith no panty to cover her bush, she was telling me where towhack her and at the same time where to put my stamp of approvalfor her systematic and methodical research on my brother. So, Iconcurrently made her suffer the punishment and obtain the stampof approval. I was a bit harsh but also gentle. After all, shewas my wife. So with my lips I separated her pussy lips, andspanked her clit from every angle, while my mind processedpictures of them together in his apartment. She startedshuddering and quivering due to my spanking pulls, pushes andthrusts. Finally I said enough is enough and let her go. When shesat up she knew she had gotten what was coming to her. My mindhad also become calm, having exhausted its work. We both sat insilent company of each other, me sipping the Vulcan Bull that Ihad fixed for myself, and she her Bloody Mary. Nothing needed tobe spoken in this companionship. My mind was going over what allhad surfaced in the course of the evening and also peeking atwhat was yet to surface. Yes, there still was trepidation in theback burners of my mind. But a good husband hides suchapprehension and bides his time. No doubt, her mind wasformulating the words to say what she had not yet said.She broke the silence sweetly, "Honey bun, I think you heardenough for to-day? I am being long winded and boring you. Shallwe to go to sleep?" she cooed sweetly with obvious concern forme. She usually knows when I am bored and when I am sleepy. But Iwas neither bored nor sleepy. And she also knows that myprofessorial mind is capable of handling any amount ofinformation overload. In semi agreement with her I suggested, "yes, why don't we go upand talk in bed, " wanting to be in a more intimate position whilewe talked. Yes, she was being long winded. I had no sense wherethe narration was heading. Her furtive glances at me wereuncharacteristic of her. But she was on a role. She wanted to tell me what she wanted totell me. "Yes, in a minute. Before we do that let me also tellyou that one of the tests I gave him is the questionnaire fromthe Red Book, remember, the one we took a few months ago?"I interjected in disbelief, "You mean the one on sexualcompatibility and preferred practices? But, but.." The degree ofdiscomfort in my voice made her look deep into my eyes withreassuring smile. "Darling, it was just to put some humor becauseI was loading him with all kinds of serious questionnaires andtests, " she said, and continued on, "I also wanted to see if hewould be boastful or truthful; weird or kinky. No he wasn'tboastful, weird or kinky; if he had, his B, W and K scores wouldhave come out ridiculously higher. As a matter of fact it wasonly believably higher than yours." She gave me an assuring lookand ended the sentence with a tone of finality on the issue. Quickly changing the subject, she went on to speak about thequestions she had posed with respect to how he felt aboutchildren, his philosophy on child rearing, and father-childrelationship matters and so on. My mind was still on the Red Bookquestionnaire, trying to recall the aspects it touched upon, andwhat she meant by his scores on Weird, Kinky and Boast scalesbeing a bit higher than mine. I should have asked her toelaborate, but the moment had passed. She chattered on, "Fran darling, you have to understand that if Iwent to this extent in my research, you must know how much I wantus to have a baby. I know you have some disagreements with yourbrother. But you have to understand that I love you more thanyou realize. Any way, I've now gotten to know your brotherbetter. He does have a lot of good qualities now whatever he mayhave been when he was younger. I want you to give him a chance, darling." As an after thought she added, "I want us all to workout, honey! I am sure you do too." I tried to reply but couldn't. I was tongue tied at hearing my wife rattling off somatter-of-factly. What was there for US ALL to work out? She got up and pulled me towards the bedroom, "Let's talk inbed". I followed obediently. As we were going she abruptly said, "I hope you realize what it's like for me to be a woman in heat, especially without a stud around." She laughed at her own joke. Ididn't think it was funny, but I had to fake an Unhu agreement, as husbands often do. She continued, "Darling, tell me a manthing. Is it true that some men can get their woman off two orthree times in a night?" It was one of those questions to whicha husband should not answer yes or no. In either case he will endup showing in poor light. I was quick to equivocate, "I have alsoheard that in the locker room, may be so in exceptional cases." Iwas glad we reached the bedroom and the subject dropped.Once we were comfortably settled in bed, her hand slid down mybelly and cupped my balls. Her fingers slowly began to examinewhat they had held. I made appropriate gestures of reciprocatingher affections. But I was itching to hear more of what she hadbeen working at. Too many things had gone on behind my back and Iwanted to know if there was more. I wanted her to tell me allwhile I was enjoying her hand was on her usual exploration of myfront. In a tone that conveyed my approval of her exploring handI asked, "Tell me darling, amidst all your questionnaires andquestions, did you ask him if he would be willing to father yourchild?" Yes, I had put a blunt question. I wanted to know thebottom line and where I stood. I wanted to hear the answer in thenegative. On the back burners of my mind was a confident and goodfeeling that my woman was consulting and thinking through with mein all frankness. Many a wife in this sort of a situation wouldhave gone and got herself inseminated behind their husband'sback. But not my Nicole. She may be toying with the idea out ofsheer necessity. But no, not her. She was a one-man woman. Yes, my question was too blunt and I had used the word 'yourchild' when I should have used the word 'our child'. It had justslipped out of me like that. Luckily she did not pick up on myerror. May be she heard me say 'our'. In my experience most womenhear what they want to hear. Lucky for me.While she was formulating her response I wanted to make my standquite clear. I affirmed in a manly voice, "I just don't likeanother dick slipping into you." I gave the statement an air offinality, while at the same time affectionately slipping mymiddle finger into her. She did not respond for about half aminute. Her hand kept moving back and forth from my balls to theflaccid shaft. Taking my question matter of factly she respondedin all honesty, "No, I did not ask him the fathering question. Itwas too early in the game at that point. I wanted us, you and me, to have all my research data on him before we - that is you andme, asked him. Mother may have mentioned our situation to him andthat we might need a sperm donor. He may have made his guesses asto why I was trying to know him, with all questions andquestionnaires etc., but he was a gentleman. Didn't ask anyquestions. May be he wanted to probe me later." She fell silentfor a minute, looking at me off and on. Expecting her tocontinue, I stayed quiet, except for my finger that was trying tomake communion with her clit. I put my hand on autopilot and mademy mind all ears to what she would respond. What she wouldrespond to my objections for another dick probing her."Fran darling, you know I love you more than I love myself; Iwould never let anyone slip into me for the fun of it. Never, never, never!!!" She moved back a bit to face me, to make eyecontact. Naturally my finger lost its place. Her voice wasaccusatory, "You combined two questions into one. That does notmake a dialogue, which is what we should have. It is like mygrabbing your two balls and squeezing into one". And she reachedher hand out and acted it out. She had made the point. Thesqueezing hurt me a bit, as my question must have been to her. She went on magnanimously, "Let me see if I can answer bothquestions, second question, first" she said. "But let me beataround the bush a bit to come to the point, it will make sense toyour academic mind" she said just as I put my hand affectionatelyon her bush. "Let us take the macro perspective of our nationgoing into Granada, Panama, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan just totake a few instances. Why did we go in? We wanted to give them anew life, a new joy, a feeling of peace within, and solidaritywith the world around them. We just didn't go in there to bombthe hell out of them just for our pleasure did we?" She looked atme for an answer. It was not just a rhetorical question. She wasdead right. There was only one answer, "We went in there for agreater good, " I said tamely. Pleased that I had seen her point she continued, "It is thepurpose that makes the difference is it not? If we had not putourselves into those countries where would they be to-day? Wemoved in and we moved out. Got in, did our job and got out. Wedid not plant our flag there and stay in. Is it not?" She waslooking straight into my conscience. As a patriot American I hadto nod my head in agreement with her. Confident she had made theanalogy obvious to me, she went on chuckling in a joking tone, "About any old Tom or Harry slipping their dick into me, they arenot under consideration, only Nick is. He is an American and yourown blood brother, and only his dick can slip in and slip out ofme, for a purpose you and I know very well. And that too if Youand I both jointly make the decision to allow him to do so. So, darling put this thought of any old dick slipping into me out ofyour mind. I love you too much to let Tommy or Harry or Dick nearme." She drew close to me with affection, resting her palm on myflaccid dick. She continued on, "Now let me come to your first question, whether I popped the question to him about his willingness torelease his semen, his sperms in my vagina." Her voice was calmand she continued. "No, I did not ask him that question, not atthat point in time. I wanted to wait until we both - you and me -had had a chance to evaluate my research data. But yesterday itbecame obvious that his response to that question would also bedata for us to consider. There is no point in us going to thepoint of accepting him if he was going to say no. So, I posedthat question to him in a subtle way yesterday when I met him atyour mother's place. I was in meeting with him when you droppedby." She blushed and looked away. My mind immediately went back to remember my hunch of theprevious day, when I was driving home after I left mother'splace. I was right. It was Nicole's car I had seen. She must haverealized I had seen her car. No wonder she wanted to tell it allbefore I quizzed her, or asked my mother or my sister. I wonderedwhat else of my hunch was right? Surprisingly I kept my cool andhelped her to continue, "So, that was the fourth meeting withhim. What was on the agenda?" I asked."Your sister had insisted that I should give him a physicalexamination also to com complete the profile I was building. She saidbetter do it now rather than later feel sorry. So, I wanted tomake sure he did not have any physical deformities or repulsivebirth marks in other ways. I simply asked him to show me hisbirthday suit."I had lost eye contact. She had blushed even more. I could seethat she wanted to tell me all and let it all hang out, but herwomanly bashfulness was coming in the way. At such times a wifeneeds her husband's manly boldness of expression to come to heraid. It was an acid test for my gallantry. I figured thatresponding to straightforward questions was the best way to lether express herself and also do so briefly in her blushed andbashful condition. As for the questions to pose her, I relied onmy memory of the physical examination she had put me throughduring our dating days. I asked "Did you find any unsightlybirthmarks on any part of his body suit?""No, but he has a lot of hair on his chest, " she repliedobviously relieved that I too wanted just the facts."Did the hair have perspiration odor or feel coarse?""No, there was no bad perspiration odor and it felt smooth andsilky like the hair on his head.""That is good. What about pubic hair or hair on the scrotum?""No bad smell, strong masculine odor, and the hairs were shortand silky smooth.""Must be high levels of testosterone then. That is good! Was hewell hung, did his musket present you an honor guard? Did it feelrobust, hard, and clean?"Yes, yes, yes, yes, it was rock hard, uniform in thickness, rather longer and thicker too."Remembering what she had done to me before she decided to gosteady with me, I wanted to ask if she had tried to measure thecircumference with her mouth, but did not know how to phrase thequestion without invading her privacy. I also wanted to ask ifshe had fired the musket to see how far the bullets would go, again remembering what she had put me through. In my case she hadalso wanted to smell and taste the pellets, as she was new to itall and wanted to learn as much as possible. But I postponedascertaining whether she had applied these same tests to Nick. Atpresent it was enough to focus on more seminal issues."I hope not so big as to create physical damage or undue wear andtear, " I smiled jokingly. She laughed and said, "No, I hopenot... I don't think we need to worry on that account. Women havecapacities that men do not usually believe, " she replied in asimilar joking way.I inquired "Recall your saying that a new life should come out ofthe passionate rough and tumble of man and woman. Were you ableto test out the potentialities and probabilities in thisrespect?" "Yes, in a limited way. I put him through a simulation of the ruband tumble.""I don't understand how can one simulate the rough and tumblewithout appropriate emotions, Can you elaborate that." Mycuriosity rose up, along with my manhood, which had been on anupward climb since I had started posing this set of questions toher. I dare say that the palm that had come to rest on my thenflaccid member had picked up a message in these rising trends. Ihoped that these were not interpreted as glad tidings. Butmeanings are in the minds of beholders and we some times giveunintended messages.My last question had challenged her to be bold, much like awitness in a court of law. She had to find the words herself now.She became daring, looked me in the eyes and calmly said, "Sure, one can, like women fake orgasms, like actors and actresses sexit up in porno movies, without actually sexing." "Oh, I see, there may not be penetration but they do rub breastto breast, and put bare thighs within bare thighs and act out arocking in and rocking out. And we see it in the movie as if itis the real McCoy.""Yes, you got the picture now, " she said without batting hereyes. Only her face was still a bit red. She had acquittedherself very well, and reported all she had wanted to report onthis aspect. I moved her to a related track that had beentriggered in my mind now. "Did he want to inspect your birthday suit too? And did he findanything unacceptable to him?" "No. He said something about him being able to tell a book fromits covers. I didn't quite understand that. I thought it wouldonly be fair to reciprocate his openness. I got into my birthdaysuit, taking my own time. From his facial expressions I inferredthat he did not find anything unacceptable, in fact more thanacceptable I should say. He said he found my juices delicious, and my saliva appetizing. He complimented my body odor to besweet-scented, spine-tingling, and lifting."I would have said the same except for the lifting. What islifting to one may not be lifting to another. But I wasn't goingto quibble with his words. I continued to help her out inpresenting her data, "Did he think you were too petite anddelicate, especially in view of his big size?" We had both beenconversing now "in tongue" now."Yes, he said they looked delicate and felt soft. He did notthink they were petite. On the size question, he believes thatmen and women are biologically built to accommodate each othermore physiologically than psychologically.""Was it then that you asked him the million dollar question? Howdid you phrase it exactly? I wish I was there to help you outwith my professorial competent vocabulary, " I said."Yes, shortly after I had com completed my physical examination weexchanged some small talk, and he said some small jokes, and Iended up giving a small lecture on the topic Small is Beautiful.As for his willingness, the words were not hard to come. In factit was quite spontaneous. Actually I wanted you to pop thequestion - man to man, that is if that is what we had decided todo after considering all my research data. Anyway what I askeddoes not commit us to anything. I was quite vague, wanting onlyto ascertain his inclinations, like your sister had suggested.What I asked him was if he would be willing to partner me to amating dance at the uptown Bedrow, " she beamed proudly at her owncleverly put question. She had deliberately flubbed 'bedroom' and'upstairs'. Bedrow is also a glitzy hotel uptown that is knownfor its fancy popular dance competitions every spring."You know what his answer was?" she continued with earnestness inher voice, "He said he could, but only if you consented, consecrated, and choreographed the dance. Oh, he also wondered ifthe uptown Bedrow had appropriate professional settings. I losthim there! I didn't understand what he was alluding to, but I letit go as I did not want to appear dumb." After a silent gap she said, "There, that is my report. I am gladyou heard me out. What do you think?" she asked. She had reliefin her voice now that she had let it all hang out after she hadthought out things. I had begun to hang out, in my own a smallway I have confessed earlier in this essay, even though I had notfully thought out anything. Fortuitously, her hand that had cometo rest on a flaccid part of my anatomy had gathered intelligenceand interpreted glad tidings from my stirrings and expansions.Nicole is a smart and sharp lady. She concluded we had made adecision, if only a decision in principal. (This has come to beknown in professional jargon as decision by anti-flaccidity.) Sheinched closer to me, gave me a full kiss and said, "You are adarling, " and she gave me another kiss pushing her tongue into mymouth. We engaged in a battle of the tongues as equals. Now I wasable to wag my tongue quite a bit to make up for all the rest Ihad given it while she was wagging her tongue all through ourdiscussions. I love my wife. She is smart, cute, passionate, lusty, logical, does her homework and gets her way.When we had had enough of sucking tongues, I decided it was timefor me to show that I wear the pants in our family. It is thehusband that should wear the pants in the family. And I wasplaying the husband role. "Have you had a chance to investigateany other options, " I asked in all seriousness."Oh yes. Why did I forget to mention it, " she chirped not reallywanting to answer. "There is plan C, but it asks a lot of you, "she added.I asked her what plan C was. She went on to describe it as shehad read it in the encyclopedia on sperm deficiency. It calledfor a six-month treatment of acupuncture on the penis as well asthe scrotum accompanied by absolute abstinence in action as wellas thought. She asked if absolute abstinence in thought would bepossible in my case when I was teaching classes that were packedwith young and brimming firm coeds. She added that it would causemuch hardship on her and that she might shrivel up where she hasbeen blossoming. She was right on the dot. As a husband it would be selfish aswell as inhuman on my part to indulge in total abstinence inthought and deed; the deed would also put her through unduehardship. It would also be inhuman to put myself under needles inwrong places and perhaps in wrong hands. However, husbanding involves taking time to do the right things, and doing things right the first time. Husbanding also involvessleeping over things and thoughts or at least appearing to do so.So, I suggested that we mull things over for a day or two andcatch some shuteye for the night. Having bared her conscience shehad no difficulty in capturing shut eye. My conscience was in mycrotch choreographing the dance she desired, and so was my hand.CHAPTER 4: A FAMILY REUNIONI let a couple of days go by during with I tried to lookponderous. I felt genuinely affectionate towards Nicole. Shedeserved it for her candid reporting and thorough investigationof the options that faced us. I only wished that coeds in myclasses did their research papers with such thoroughness. I wasnot only willing to give them top marks but also engage them in adialogue to improve the quality of the paper to come up toexcellent rating.Anyway, I thought I should meet my new improved and reformedbrother Nick to assess him myself. So, as Nicole was setting thedinner table I called mother and suggested that she arrange afamily reunion where I could meet Nick whom I had not seen for along time. Mother called back and said she could not arrange ituntil the coming Friday which happened to be the Octoberfestweek. Nicole heard our conversation. She must have felt good thather research on Nick had not gone down the tube. It showed in herhappy face. She seemed to have a lot of time until the Fridayrolled around, because everyday she cooked up a storm. At dinnerone day, I casually wondered if low sperm count was hereditary, and whether we should ask Nick to go get a sperm count. Nicolelooked at me as if she were a hurricane. She said if that is thecase, we would know pretty quick, without making Nick feeldefensive or challenged. Then, in a softer tone she said, "Wehave to bite the bullet, Francis, if we are going to get anywherein life." She was right as usual. I am sure she had compiledresearch statistics on the probability of two brothers beingsimilar in this respect.Friday, late afternoon, we all had a backyard family picnic atmother's place. It was a beautiful warm day and all the threegirls wore short summer dresses. Nick shook hands warmly and gaveme a bear hug. He mentioned that he had heard glowing reportsabout my teaching from some of his friends and colleagues whosesisters or girl friends had been or were my students. He said hewas proud of my prestigious social rank as an academic. He wasquite talker and kept us all entertained by his humor and storiesof fishing trips. I began to feel that he had indeed changed andwas a mature and responsible person although academically anunderachiever.Because it was Octoberfest mother had cooked up German sausagesand sour kraut. We sat on the picnic bench in the back yard.Mother sat between me and Nick, Nicole and my Sister sat on theother side, with Nicole directly opposite Nick. Nick was going onwith his fishing stories and we were all laughing away. SuddenlyI noticed that Nicole was eating the German sausage holding itlike an ice cream cone, and licking and nibbling on it ever sodelicately. Then I noticed my sister also doing the same. Bothwere intently absorbed in listening to nick's story, their eyesriveted on him. Then I noticed mother and Nick too eating theirGerman sausages in the same way. I was the only person eating itthe regular way sandwiching it in a bun. Only my plate had sourkraut, they obviously having eaten theirs first, or may be theywere going back to it later. If you know Asch's family might looklike he was sexing Nicole. He also said that I would have to playa doctor-like role choreographing his every move, and that hewould only be lending his tool for me to direct it as I would.Anyway he said he would ask my sister to be the attending nurseand would brief her on the details of the procedure. On the wayhome, I told Nicole the gist of my conversation with Nick andneedless to say she was overjoyed, and expressed it in her usualway by reaching for me where I like to be reached and playedwith. CHAPTER 5: THE MAESTRO AND THE MATING DANCEThe next day which was a Saturday I had all day golf game withsome colleagues and graduate students. Then we all went out fordinner as scheduled. So, by the time I reached home it was aftereight O'clock. The house was buzzing with activity. My mother andsister were there, going up and down the stairs; they seemed tobe arranging something. I couldn't help wonder why they were bothwearing some kind of light green house coats, like the kind theygive you in hospitals. Nicole was no where to be seen. Tired bythe all day outing, I was about to take a beer from the coolerand about to plop myself in front of the TV when my sister cameand told me to go take a shower. She also handed me a gown of thesame color she was and told me to put it on after the shower andnot to wear anything else underneath. She responded to myquizzical look with an explanation, "Nick is going to be pushinghis seeds into Nicole shortly, he is showering now in the mainbathroom, I'll come and get you when you have showered and intothis gown, " she pointed to the gown she had given me. As she washurrying up the stairs she shot a question, "Didn't Mom tell youthis morning to be home by 7 p.m.?" in answer to my open mouthand wide eyes that said, 'what is going on here?' As she wasdeparting I had also noticed that the housecoat she was wearingwas open in the front, and she did not have any under garmentsunderneath. I also noticed she had a nametag on her that said'PROCTOR'. Mine is a nature that does not ask too many questionswhen I see people busy doing what they appear competently busy.So, I just picked up the housecoat and headed to my attachedbedroom. Stuck to the housecoat was a nametag that said DOCTOR. Icould not help deduce that I was to play the doctor role in theinsemination procedure that was going to take place.I showered in my bathroom and put on the housecoat I had beengiven. It was then that I noticed that it was also open in thefront, and the ribbon belt did not suffice to keep my malenesshidden, especially if it started to raise itself. It occurred tomy smart academic mind that if I wore it backwards then mymaleness could be put undercover. So I did. As I was combing myhair my sister came to get me. She signaled me to be silent andled me to the guest bedroom.The bedroom was looking more like a hospital room. The bed hadlight green sheets; the pillow was also of the same color. Nicolewas lying on her back on the bed; she had been covered with awhite sheet from her breasts to her bladder with her bare arms ather sides on top of the white sheet. Her thighs and legs werespread apart, one thigh and leg was covered with a pink sheet andthe other was covered with a blue sheet. The only area that wasnot covered by any sheet was her pubic and mound area and a stripof flesh along the folds of the thigh. And of course her face toowas open. Nick was standing at the foot of the bed, wearing onlya robe similar to mine, but was wearing it with the open side atthe front. Even though he had tied it with its string belt, hisunderside was slightly open and his erect manhood was peeking outof the robe, ready to do its job. Nick had his eyes in ablindfold. As Sis was leading me towards the bed she whispered tome that Nick wanted this kind of hospital atmosphere. I noticedMother had a glad affirmative grin on her face and housecoat hada nametag that said RECTOR. She was also wearing nothing underthe housecoat and her bush was a bit visible. Nick's nametagproclaimed him as NECTOR. There was some melodious music in lowvolume coming from somewhere and the room smelled like it hadbeen given a good dose of the antiseptic Dettol. Sis led me to aside of the bed and moved a step back. Nicole who had beenfollowing my entry with her shining eyes took my hand in hers andgave a beaming blushing smile. I squeezed her had in reassurance.Her excitement was contagious. I also began to feel someexcitement and stirrings in my bushes. Sis sensed I was at a lossnot knowing what to do next, provided a prompt, by addressingNick, "Nectar, the Doctor has come, he will position you now, andgive you step by step instructions." So, that was my role as thedoctor. I then remembered what he had said at the picnic, hiswanting me to choreograph his every move.Nick greeted me with a response, "Hello Doctor, I am all yoursnow." I motioned to PROCTOR to assist me, and began to help theblindfolded NECTOR to take the classic missionary mountingposition above my wife. I then noticed Nicole's nametags stuck onher nightgown. She had two, one said ACTOR, and the other saidVICTOR. I could not help but chuckle at the nomenclatures thathad been adopted. I was the DOCTOR helping the VICTOR/ACTOR toget the sweet seeds from the NECTOR, aided by the PROCTOR underthe overall supervision of the RECTOR.While I was enjoying the humor in the nomenclatures, the PROCTORsuddenly remembered, "Oops, I forgot to blindfold theACTOR/VICTOR, " and she ran and wrapped the blindfold on Nicole."To my inquiring look, she answered by pointing to Nick and saying"procedure." Noticing that the NECTOR was holding in a mountingposition, she signaled to me to grab his now fully enlarged shaftand guide it to the sheath. Sis had a frown on her faceindicating that I was not lagging in my of guiding Nick for everymove. Chastised, I took the ready penis by one hand and checkedthe sheath with the other to see if it was moist enough. It wasmoist all right, quite quite moist, and pulsing to receive. Igently pulled Nick's penis downward and positioned it right ontop of my wife's pussy, just touching her vaginal lips. With twofingers I opened her lips apart and pushed his penis just alittle in. That act of mine, as the husband of Nicole was an actof sanctification. With the power vested in me as the husband ofone and the brother of another it brought a holiness tot whatotherwise would have been a sacrilege. Holding his penis in my hand was quite an electric feeling. Itwas hard like steel, robust, strong and quite manly. Holding itfor that small duration made me proud of my brother, like Isuppose my academic achievements had made him proud of me. Yes, it was longer, thicker and harder. I felt glad he was insertingit into my wife. As my wife had said earlier, it was not just anydick. It was of my own brother, my own flesh and blood. I began to give him step by step instructions, "Push a bit in, just a bit; pull a bit out. Good. Push a bit in, just a bit; pulla bit out. Good, Push a bit in, pull a bit out............ Keepdoing so, until you have reached the bottom or inserted yourselfall the way in. OK, I think you have gone all the way in. Now, slowly pull out almost all the way, and slowly push all the wayin. Repeat that a few times...."I asked my wife, "How are you doing Nicole, Is it OK? How is itfeeling?" A slow moan came out of Nicole, "Ooommmmm, it is feeling gooood, reeeal gooood, " and she sucked air through her teeth. She wenton, "I feel full, fuuuullll to the brimmmmh, it is beeeg!Ooommmmm, it is feeling gooood."I felt confident in my doctor role. The approving glances fromMother and Sis boosted my confidence in throwing outinstructions. "OK Nick, now vary the pattern of your thrusts andpulls, pull out quick, fast, and put back slowly, pullout quickand push back slowly, do that a few times." He did. Nicoleresponded by a long sucking air through teeth sound, and gaveapproving moans.I felt good that my wife was enjoying the process of gettinginseminated. I changed instructions, "OK Nick, now reverse theprocess, make your withdrawals slow, very slow, but make yourthrusts fast, almost like rams. ...... Good, that is the way.Make ten of those." I instructed, and watched Nicole. Even thoughshe was blindfolded, I could tell she was in delightfulenjoyment. Nothing gives a husband more satisfaction than seeinghis wife getting good joyful sex."Now, Nick, let us change the pattern a bit. Pull out all theway. Now just use the head part as your weapon to make fast shortthrusts and fast retractions. Just so it massages only up to theclit and not beyond. Yes, that's the way. Good." I glanced at mydear sweet wife. Those short thrusts/massages tease the cunt, making it want more intensity and deep thrusts. Yes, my wife wasindeed making impatient sounds, as if the candy that was givenwas now taken away except on the top end. She made Unnhuu, Unnhuu, Unnhuu, Unnhuu, that said 'give me all of it, give memore of it'. She yelled out, Ohhh Nick, Ohh Francis, that weremusic to my ears. "Oooh, Ooohhoo, gooood, Oh Nick, Oh Francis, Unnhuu, Unnhuu, givvve ittt ttto meee, givvve ittt ttto meee, Mmmmmmnnnoh, Mmmmmmnnnoh."I was riding on top of the world. I had become a goodchoreographer of sexing. "Nick, " I said, " now pullout all theway, yes, all the way out, and just rest the rod on pussy lips, just barely touching pussy lips." Blindfolded Nick did exactly asI bid him.Nicole screamed, "Oh, Shit, " she sucked air in through her teeth, "Oh, give it me, damn it, give it to me, Fuck me, Fuck me, quick, now, I mean NOW" she was howling. She was in full heat. Her eggmust had been released and traveled to where it was expecting tomeet a suitor!I put my hand on Nick's buttocks to make him hear me, "OK brotherNick, she is ready. Resume your deep penetrations andretractions, but slowly, slowly, okay that is the way..." Moaningsounds of approval and pleasure emanated from the bed. Also, themound started to jump up to meet the incoming thrusts."Nick, now gradually increase the speed of your pushes and pullsand hold it at a pace com comfortable to you, " I instructed andlooked around to meet beaming faces of my mother and sister.Mother gave a thumbs-up sign. Sis made an approving hole signjoining her index finger and thumb.Nicole started moaning and moving her head from side to side. Shewas also making sounds of sucking air, thrusting her mound upwardmeeting halfway the downward thrusts that were coming to her.Then she came. She cummed with a great 'OOOmmmmfffffffffff' and aquake, quiver, jolt; Head turning quickly and jerkily this wayand that way. She pulled off her blind fold, looked at me for asplit second and half closed her eyes; she was still coming. Nickwas pounding his thrusts at a steady pace, not yet ready tofinish off. Nick kept on fucking her at his steady pace. Imarveled at his staying power. Nicole had a second peaking ofclimax. Her body quavered and quivered, trembled and shuddered, with sounds of thrill, delight and relish escaping from her mouthand nostrils. Nick was still carrying on, still in a blindfold.I thought it only fair that his blindfold should also come off.My able PROCTOR sensed my thoughts and went and undid the knot ofhis blindfold. VICTOR sensed something had changed, and openedher eyes. NECTOR and VICTOR, now eye to eye, continued theseeding operation. I realized that somewhere along the process ofdischarging my role, my hands had also been making movements likethat of a music conductor. Now that Nick was off his blindfold Irepositioned myself where he could see my hands and performaccording to my hand movements. With appropriate hand gesturesand histrionics I instructed him to lower himself breast tobreast, grab the headboard and change his up-down thrusts toforward-backward pubic rubbing motions that would also make hisballs rub her pussy lips. I just wanted to maximize my wife'spleasure to the max. Nick followed my signals. The bed began to rock and make creakingnoises. That only served to increase the binding of the bodies onthe bed. The sheets had all come off now. Nick's gown now coveredonly a small part of his back and shoulders. Mother's housecoathad opened at the front and she had one hand with its middlefinger doing what Nick was doing to her daughter-in-law. Sis wasstanding open mouthed enthralled by the performance she waswitnessing. Her gown was soaking wet in the front, and she wasunmindful of her juices running down the inside of both of herthighs. The gown I was wearing backwards had long ago acquired aprotuberance from inside, small it may be, depending upon thebenchmark utilized, but it was at its max. The dance at the uptown Bedrow was taking place with an approvingand admiring audience of three. As its patron, architect andsponsor I could feel nothing but pure joy of achievement. Thehorizontal dancers were gazing into each others eyes, breathingeach other's breaths, feeling each other's body heat, sharingeach other's passion in lustful lock, engaged and bound in acovenant that was sanctified by their mother/mother-in-law, brother/husband and Sister/sister-in-law. Given these blessingsthe tempo of forward-backward motions increased to warp speed, the creaking went to a crescendo. The shaft released the seeds;the sheath sucked them in and milked for more. The donor and thedonee bodies, locked together, rumbled, tumbled and thundered inecstatic satisfaction. My wife had had a joyful sanctifiedfornication, received a sacred secretion and hopefully her egghad met with a superior suitor sperm. CHAPTER 6: THE CURTAIN CALL The next morning I woke up with a good feeling about myself. Ihad gone to bed in an euphoric mood because I had discovered anew talent, that of conducting phalharmonics (or I could sayphallus-hormonics or pussharmonics). From a DOCTOR role I hadmoved to a TUTOR role and then to a CONDUCTOR role. My sister, Mywife, my own mother had all paid compliments to my choreography, direction and humor. It was like attending the Los AngelesPhilharmonic they had said. I am not usually given to flattery.But in this case I had myself felt I had performed exceptionallywell, over and above the call of duty. It had given my wifeecstatic pleasure that I had not seen her experience before, andI felt good I had given her that kind of pleasure that I hadalways wanted to, but had been unable to. Nick and I hadperformed as a team. He had followed my directions very closely, had acted as a remote extension of my shaft. My mind and hisshaft had functioned without a seam. We had become what they callas a 'high performance' cohesive team. I felt good. Nicole had been up much before me. She was cooking a fantasticbreakfast. As I noted before she is a fantastic cook. All throughthe morning she was beaming a smile, kept complimenting me andthanking me, and showed her affection for me in new ways that Ihad not known before. When I was reading the newspaper after mySunday morning chores of attending to the lawn etcetera, she cameto me and had me put my hand on her tummy and asked if I feltanything? I didn't want to disappoint her and said, "Yes, I thinkI feel something." She knew I could not feel anything that early, but she was happy with my answer. She curled next to me on thecouch. "Darling, do you know you made me have fantastic sex lastnight?" she asked with a blush. I looked at her feeling flatteredand nodded a simple agreement. "You know I climaxed at leastthree times, " she said, "I have never had that kind of super sexbefore." I put the paper down, putting my professorial cap on, I went intoan explanation, "You see darling, there were some factors in theequation yesterday. You were expecting a sterile hospitalprocedure. But there was an audience that was rooting for you, and you simply felt their supportive energy in your pussy. Theirpresence in effect was what social psychologists call as 'socialfacilitation'. Then there was your husband's reassuring andenthusiastic voice directing the operations of the donor Nick.This encouraged you subconsciously to shed all inhibitions and gofor the gold. Third, there was Nick who put himself entirely inmy hands and melded his penis with my mind. So it was your lovinghubby sexing through him. Fourth, Nick has a tool that is adiamond. He seems to have a lot a staying power. And don't forgetthat he was acting for a cause - the fertilization of your egg.So, your initial perception of a sterile hospital atmospherequickly melted away by these other factors, and you had super sexexperience." Having given a brilliant explanation I looked at her for anappreciative expression. But she seemed to be on the verge ofdozing off; still she managed to say, "Yes, Nick has a diamond, areal diamond... she trailed off to sleep. She was quite tiredfrom the excitement and exhaustion of the previous night. I wentback to my newspaper hoping that she had heard all of myexplanation. She woke up after about an hour from a bad dream.But went about cheerfully. She cooked a great Italian lunch. I watched a ball game in the afternoon and she was busy on thephone and on the Internet. For dinner she put a rump roast in theoven. As it got cooked its smell wafted through the house. It wasmy favorite as she had developed a secret ingredient of her ownto cook it with. We sat down for dinner with our favorite wine.She looked very happy and very relaxed. From time to time sheturned pink and I could tell a tinkle went through her spine eachtime. Obviously she was going over her mental tapes of theprevious night. After dinner we relaxed comfortably in the living room with somemore wine. I asked her why she had blushed again and again duringdinner. It took some coaxing to get it out of her. She said shewas mentally acting out sexing it up with me via the diamond thatbelonged to Nick. She asked me if I minded if her thoughts dweltupon the great sex she had. She said the sex she had, had madeevery cell of her feel like a woman. She snuggled close to me andran her fingers on where my bulge would have been had I bulged. Idon't bulge much due to my limitations in that respect, which Ibelieve I have mentioned in an earlier chapter. I felt empathyfor her and wanted to ask her if she would like to have Nick comefor a sleepover, but I restrained myself thinking it might becomehabit forming to her. We watched some TV, but nothing was interesting. Flippingchannels we caught the tail end of Ally McBee show.Coincidentally the story line had a couple trying to have a babyexcept that it was taking numerous attempts and they were havinga hard time to arrange privacy and time as they were both workingshifts. She was on day shift and he was on night shift. It wasquite a hilarious show. The show prompted Nicole to say that ithad taken 6 attempts to conceive Nick where as it had taken onlyfour for me. She said she got it straight from the horse's mouth, meaning my mother. I hadn't known that. Boy, the kind of stuffwomen talk among them is amazing! It triggered something verysignificant in my mind. It came out as a question to her. "Do youthink you have become pregnant last night?" If she hadn't, allthat footwork she had done, and the leg-and-thigh-work I hadcoordinated did not make didly-winks. I could tell both of uswere perturbed. But neither wanted to let the other know theirperturbation. Nothing more was spoken, only physical movements tocomfort each other and hands on each other's private anatomiesdeclaring our love for each other. Her hand that had come to restnonchalantly on my private anatomy had gathered intelligence andinterpreted it in a way favorable to her inclinations. She is asmart and sharp lady in addition to being shapely. She concludedwe had made a decision, a decision by anti-flaccidity. (Yet wewent through the motions of rational thinking and decision makingas you will see.)Monday was a workday and I got up late. So I had to rush off towork. When I touched base with Nicole at lunch hour, she did notsound happy. She sounded huffy and puffy, and said somethingabout my sister that I did not quite understand. She had goodreason to, after what I heard when I got home.Sis had calculated that Nicole was at the peak of her fertilitycycle on that Saturday. Hence it had been arranged on thatSaturday for Nick to put his penis in her. Nicole had done somerecalculations of her fertility cycles. Her calculations hadshown that Sis was dead wrong. The recalculations showed that thestart of her fertility cycle was still two days away. So, thesexing that had taken place between the doner and the donee hadbeen a non-starter. Her research during the day, on the net, andon the phone to the Washington Head Office of the 'ProxyPregnancies Council of America', had revealed the reasons whypregnancies are unlikely to take place in just one attempt. Theyhad said that for fertilization to take place the Ph factors andRh factors in the vagina should complement the same factorspresent in the precum of a penis that enters the vagina. But inthe case of a proxy penis, not being accustomed to the Ph and Rhfactors, the female's factors fight them rather co-mingle andcreate a smooth passage like a 'luge track' for the strangersperms to glide on forward. That in bottom line simply means thatif you are using a proxy penis, use it a number of times so thatthe chemistry factors in the female's vagina become friendlyrather than hostile towards the Ph and Rh factors in the precum.Thus, new research knowledge had made Nicole distraught, by thetime I got home. She had looked crest fallen because all herthorough research had overlooked this one aspect. The erroneouscalculation by my Sis served only to add to our perturbation ofthe previous night, our 'onetime seeding' assumption had beenrather na ve.During dinner, (I must say that she mad managed to cook up aspecial dinner despite the anguish she had experienced after hersaid recalculations), we put our heads together and took stock ofwhere we were now, and where we wanted to be. We exchanged someviews but mostly mulled in our own heads. After I did the disheswe sat down with some wine to loosen and share our thoughts. Itwas obvious we could not accuse and lash out at my sister. Mathwas never her strong suit. Rumor was that she passed math byfamiliarizing her birthday suit to her math teacher.We could not let my mother know that my sister had miscalculated.She would naturally defend her daughter and ask why Nicole didnot do her homework. We were already feeling guilty for nothaving done our homework. We couldn't tell Nick, "Oh oops Nick, your labor just went downthe tube." He had wanted all that hospital-like, antisepticenvironment, for planting a new life. He would feel he had beenmade a fool. And he might say phooey to any new favor we mayrequest of him. So, the only sane and sensible way for us was to play the 'timesit took to conceive Nick and Francis'. That way we could induceNick to make some 'house calls'.Nicole felt that Nick would not go for it. Probed further, shesaid it was her intuition that he would not, based on theelaborate ritual he had prescribed for the Saturday seeding. Icounseled that she might be jumping to conclusions because ofsheer pessimism she was feeling just then. I said that perhaps ifshe had run a 'inclination test' of his body language when shehad given him the physical exam, we would have some real data.She did not know what an inclination test was. She asked, "Whatis an inclination test?"I readily explained, "An inclination test is simply one where weare sensitive to the inclinations of another's body language. Yousee, each part of our body has its own consciousness, and its owncommunication system. If we tap into this communication system, then we can predict one's future behavior." She could only say, "I lost you! I don't know what you are talking about.""OK, look, when you gave him that physical examination atmother's house, when you tried to measure the circumference hismanhood making your mouth the measuring calipers, did you sensehis body wanting to incline towards you or away from you, " Iasked very matter of factly."If I recall correctly, I believe I sensed something inclinetowards me, not away from me, " she said. "Good. That is a partial predictor. Then, when you were testinghim in the simulation of the rough and tumble passion, did hisdickhead manage to slip ever so slightly into your pusscave?" Iasked as a follow up question, again in an academic unemotionaltone.She strained to recall that distant memory, "Yes, I believe so. Idid not attach much importance to it at that time. How does thathelp us now?"I was relieved that my need, my obsessive need to know all thecrucial details of the physical examination Nicole had given toNick was now fulfilled. I breathed a sigh of relief. NaturallyNicole had felt bashful to tell me all at that time. Now that wewere on an increased level of trust, she had comeforth with theinformation. I felt like a detective that had cleverly discoveredthe real facts. I did not let this success gloat on my face. Ianswered her question ponderously, "yes, tidbits of informationtell us much about the world. These last two bits of informationyou have provided are the two main components of the'inclinations test'. They reveal his behavioral inclination, should we ask him to make house calls. Based on what you havetold me, I predict that his response would be in theaffirmative, " I looked at her triumphantly feeling good about myways of drawing out information and making data based scientificdeductions."The proof of the pudding is in its eating, " she responded indisbelief.(Did she mean Nick eating her? I didn't know if Nickwas into eating pussy. I thought that is something she hadreserved for me. Or, did she mean she wanted to be eaten. I wasin a dilemma, not knowing what she meant. I looked at her withsquinted eyes to discern what she wanted from me. Having resolvedmy doubts, and discerning in her voice no hostility towards me. Iresolved to act for her. I got on the phone and probed mother the veracity of what she hadcasually mentioned to Nicole about x attempts for conceiving himand only y attempts for me. When she admitted it was true, Ifeigned anger at her for not enlightening us with thatinformation. I put it to her that she implicitly led us tobelieve that one seeding was all that was necessary for Nicole tobecome pregnant. I asked her plainly what if Nick did not agreeto do some more follow up seedings, and what if he demanded eachseeding be done as a theatrical performance. [Nicole had told methat just because she was not embarrassed on Saturday does notmean She would not be embarrassed if the situation were berepeated. She had been emphatic in noting her conviction thatnature intended a new life to germinate in the privacy of theruff and tumble of passion between a male and a female, particularly of the human kind, the highest of nature'sevolution.] Mother told me to calm down, to stop worrying and be happy! Thatis mother's universal formula. She told me to give Nick morecredit than I had given. In fact I was happy that she said, 'hemay be stupid, but not that stupid'. She said to sit tight and tosay the right words when the time came for such words. She wasbeing mysterious. What words? What time? Well that is mother!Nicole was proud I had acquitted myself very well on the phone.She gave me her glass to sip wine from and comforted me, sayingthat hopefully she had become pregnant and that time will tell usso. We relaxed and got absorbed in the courtroom drama on TV ofAlly McBeal.In less than half an hour it was Nick on the phone calling toinquire how we were and how Nicole was feeling. In between hethanked us for the honor that had been bestowed on him to fatherour child. I casually slipped in the news of mother taking sixattempts to conceive him and taking only four attempts for me, and the fact that we, Nicole and me, were so na ve to assume thatall it took was one seeding for Nicole. I also let it slip outthat otherwise we would have asked multiple seeding from him, 'cluster seeding' I called it, to add a tone of humor. He must have been in a great sportive mood. He said, "Any timebrother, if you want me to come for the next ten days, I will.Anything to make you couple get what you want. I was about tosay, "How about starting to- day?" but Nicole who was listeningwith her ear close to the earpiece made signals to tell him"Starting tomorrow". She was gesturing to her hair and nails, meaning she wanted to get her hair done and her nails pained andpolished for the occasion. Women are fussy in those things. Theyare from Mars as the book says! For men, anytime is fucktime.CHAPTER 7 : CLUSTER SEEDINGThe next day saw Nicole bright and up early. She had had a soundnight. When I got home, she had her hair in golden ringlets, wearing a sexy satin dress I had not seen before. She had gone tothe beauty salon to get her waxwork, hair and nails done. She wasglowing with anticipation of the seeding to come. The short dressshowed off her healthy smooth pink thighs. She smelled divine andlooked ravishingly beautiful. She was all ready for beingravished by Nick. I smiled and complemented her, "Looks like thelady is ready to kill my poor dear brother, " and she respondedjovially, "You better believe it mister!"Inviting smells were wafting from the kitchen and my stomachpulled me there. Dinner with wine was soothing to my system. Idid the dishes while she relaxed in the living room with amagazine. I joined her and watched some TV. Soon we heard a carin the driveway, and she said good night and went upstairs. Ianswered the doorbell and let Nick in. After a pleasant greeting, I said, "Nicole is expecting you upstairs, " I added smiling, "Go, get her Tiger!" He went up the staircase, climbing two steps at atime. My brother is a go-get-her.Soon I could hear some muffled conversation, chuckling andlaughter. He must have started telling his fish stories again toput her at ease. The voices subsided and soon I could hear thesound of bedsprings creaking, and a muffled thudding of theheadboard against the wall, and a soft cry of my woman. I hopedshe was not hurting because of his size, a size she was not usedto. I imagined a big male creature on top of my delicate littlefemale. I wondered whether Amanda and I had made all the rightdecisions that had brought us to this night. I heard her again, "Oh god!" And the headboard pounded into the wall with a heavythud. "Oh!" And another thud. I felt myself perspiring. Toldmyself not to listen, to concentrate on the TV I was watching. Myleft hand went to clutch something less than rock hard. Thud. Thud. Thud. My brother must be in final thrusting, Ithought. Thud. Thud. There was a creaking of bedsprings, andlittle gasping moans. Moans of conception I thought. Yes, therewas an immaculate conception going on upstairs. (Immaculate meanswithout sin, because it had been blessed by me as well as mymother who was also Nick's mother). Thud. Thud. The man was stillthrusting, from the sound of it. Why was it taking so long? Itonly takes a minute or less to spurt and make an emission, unlessone can and wants to beat around the bush. The rhythmic poundingcontinued for several minutes as well as guttural sounds such asoh! oh! oh! Ohooooouuuh! Mmmuuuooooo! Hhhaaaahhaaa! Yes, theinsemination, impregnation was taking place. I could only hopethat the Ph and Rh factors were making a friendly acquaintance.It was too warm in the living room. So I went to the basement andwatched TV until late and fell asleep on the sofa there.I was wolfing down another delicious dinner next evening andNicole was pampering me with much affection. She was bubbly andglowed like a goddess. She had that 'I am a Woman' feeling thatmost wives have briefly the morning after a night of good sex.But Nicole's feeling had not worn off even by dinnertime. Shemust have gotten super sex I thought, and felt proud of mybrother. She was all smiles and so was I. Quite casually Iinquired, "So, what time did you go to bed last night?" "Not too late. I hope we were not too noisy, " she beamed, "I hada great time, thanks to you, honey. I hope you were worm enoughin the basement. I should have left a few blankets there, " sheapologized. I protested, "No, it was not cold, it was all right, but just to ease your mind I will take a blanket today, okay".She beamed and I beamed back. We were almost finished dinner, butshe came and pulled me towards the living room, saying, "Fran, Imust share it with you, I am bursting to tell you." She sat onthe sofa and made me lie down with my head in her lap. She kissedme on he lips and said, "Fran, I don't want you to feel jealous, but I really saw his penis yesterday when it had become soft andlimp, and it hung down quite long and it was quite thick eventhen." Keeping her locked to mine she blurted with an amazedexpressin, "I didn't know that a man's penis can be that long andthick and not totally shrivel up when it is limp". I didn't know where her sharing was going, so I decided to remainunthreatened, "Yes, unlike our hands and feet, our penises varyin size, the differences can be as pronounced as the differencebetween a buxom woman's large breasts and a plain jane's flatchest. But nipples are nipples, penises are penises". But I guessmy response was not required. She went on, "He has a lot ofstaying power too. It took many fuckings to come down to a softand limp condition. And when hard and inside me I felt it go downto my very depths, and he could have used some more depth, " shelooked at me exuding pleasure and amazement. I didn't respondthis time. I gazed at her in equal wonderment at her sharing. "Doyou think I will get permanently stretched in my pussy, " Sheasked. I sensed a tone of concern in her voice. Obviously she wasworried on my account, whether my penis would give her anyrubbing sensation at all when our life returned to normal. She continued, "You know sweetie, the extra large size condomsthey keep in the drug store, they had always made me wonder howan extra large penis would feel inside me. Whether it made adifference, whether it would make its way inside me, whetherfuller and longer thrusts would give more pleasure, moreecstasy." I realized she just wanted me to listen. So I listened, nodding or a listening "uh hunh." even though I felt that this isnot the sort of thing she should be sharing with me. Shecontinued glassy eyed, "I found out! Yes, it does make adifference, a whole lot of difference". In her enthusiasm toshare her joyous experience she was oblivious to how I could feelby what she had said. But I was equanimous. One should give meritwhere merit is due. She continued to share, "Your brother is a gentleman. He wasafraid that I might hurt or get torn at the edges. He was verygentle. You know what he asked, he asked if it had hurt me lastSaturday. I was too keyed up on Saturday and you guided himgently, so I had not felt any hurt. But yesterday I was initiallyafraid, but he kept his thrusts short at first until finally hewas in all the way. Then he asked me how I felt. I felt full, tothe brim, and at the same time it was a strange intense feelingthat thrilled me more than any sensation ever before. Then whenhe started pumping slowly at first, and then faster and faster, Ifelt fireworks go in my pussy, in my clit, in my tits, in mybrain. I felt as if the whole world was revolving on the axle ofhis hard penis. I think I kept saying 'Oh, god, ' 'Oh god.' Ithink I may also have said 'Fuck me, fuck me' a few times."Nicole kissed me again, and inquired, "I hope you don't mind, Fran. I was caught up in the rough and tumble of passion tocreate a new life in my womb." "No, I don't mind. You are my wife and he is my brother. Both ofyou were engaged in a mission. Remember the analogy you gave ofus Americans going into Afghanistan and Panama? What you aredescribing is what Panama Canal would have said if it couldspeak, when it was being widened." I laughed a bit at the analogyI had created. "Not a bull in your China shop?" she said cracking her own joke.She continued, "To finish my story, the wonderful pleasuresensations cascaded upward and upward and eventually, I don'tknow when, I felt a roaring sound in my ears. I could feel thethrobbing of the veins in his big hard penis; I felt his warmsemen gush and squirt and shoot into my vagina. You know whatelse? I could feel my spasms of joy starting at the center of myclit, flow as ripples over my body again and again. I felt iteven in the hair on my scalp. Oh, darling, it felt like I haddied and gone to heaven, it was too good, " she said, adding aftera little while, "Oh Fran, it was so good, you would understand, if you were a woman!" I was not a woman. So I was not going tocomprehend the magnitude of her joy. But I understood it wasmagnificent, awesome!!"Do men feel anything like that?" she asked, forgetting that thequestion was not appropriate on account of my not having properqualifications or equipment. But I had to answer on behalf ofmankind as a whole, and I ventured to speak for all men, "I thinknot. But it is a wonderful feeling, especially the 'goalgradient', the closer you are to the finishing line, the fasteryou want to get there. Then there comes about a wonderful senseof mastery or conquest, a sense of accomplishment andachievement. Yes, it's the most wonderful feeling in the worldfor men too, but I think men experience it differently thanwomen."She pondered on my response; her eyes gazed something distant, but not for long. "Now that I have shared my last night with you, Fran darling, canyou leave the house all for myself and Nick tonight? I would wanthim to knock me up in every room and on every sofa. And with usrunning around the house you won't be able to catch any sleep.But it would be nice if you stayed for a while and took somepictures recording my road to pregnancy." I excused myself giving the reason that I would take pictures ona later day and that it was more important for the inseminationprocess that they be in a rough and tumble in a naturalenvironment without a photographer.So the fortnight of her fertile period passed quickly with mesleeping at home only on few of those days. Our kitchen saw muchactivity and creativity during this period, and as the sayinggoes, Nikhole made her way permanently into my heart through mystomach. I put on 15 pounds at least. Oh, yes, at the end of theperiod Nikhole announced that she had become pregnant. We had afamily party. Nick proudly showed off Nikhole's tummy, and evenautographed it with a marking pen. As a would-be legal father Iwas cheered much with wine and words. The party ended with Nickcarrying the would-be-mother to her bedroom to tuck her in. Iguess I had a bit too much wine and I fell asleep, sort of rockedto sleep by the creaking of floorboards due to mother and sisterwalking about cleaning up the party mess.I must say that Nikhole remained an ideal wife all through thisperiod. She pampered me like she did when we were newly married.She was very affectionate, and held me and hugged me and kissedme all the time. She was genuinely proud of me for not beingjealous because she was sleeping with and sexing with herbrother-in-law Nick. She continued to confide in me her sex lifeas if I was her girlfriend. It felt like we were bosom friends inaddition to being husband and wife. I had developed a goodfeeling towards Nick. I felt secure, strong and confident by hisbeing around. I wondered why I had hated him so much before mywife enlightened and straightened me. CHAPTER 8: NURTURE IN AID OF NATUREIt had been two weeks since the celebration party. Having donehis job, Nick had disappeared. Nikhole seemed to have forgottenhim. Neither mother nor my sister mentioned his name in a coupleof phone talks I had with them. It was a Saturday night. My wifeand I were in bed. She took my hand and put it on her tummy likeshe had been doing every night since she had become pregnant, forme to feel the consecrated conception that was in there. In hesweet voice she whispered, "Fran, I have been thinking, " openinga conversation. When a wife opens a conversation with such aphrase, husbands instinctively know they are about to becomereoriented about something or someone. A good husband though, takes time to ponder on his wife's thinking before he admits tohimself the merit of his new conviction."Thinking what?" I said. She continued, "Fran, do you know thatnature and nurture are the twin factors in a child's developmentand growth?". No one can disagree with that, so I acknowledgedwith a simple, "Unhu." "Do you know that it is all nature before birth and mostlynurture after birth?" she persisted. "That sounds right, " Iagreed. "The baby in there, " she put my palm on her tummy, "is all naturenow, that is it has only biological consciousness. It isconscious in its every cell of its biological mother and father.It will acknowledge you its nurturing father only after birth ifyou bond yourself to it by feeding, changing, playing etc., ""That sounds scientific, " I said not to get into any controversyin the bedroom.""But when you put your hand on my tummy, the biology of the childsenses that the hand is not of its biological father. It senses astranger's hand and that does not give the kind of security itwould get if the hand on the tummy was that of its biologicalfather, would it?" she asked. There was a challenge in there formy academic mind to give the right answer.I searched my brain as to what could be the correct answer. I wasunable to find what would satisfy her. When a wife asks aquestion or opinion of a husband, she wants him to come out withher preferred answer that she has in her mind. For me, there wasno point in defending the fort after it had been penetrated; nouse locking the barn door after the mare has been laid. Who wasit that said, 'When you are hit below the belt it's better topush your pants down and let it all hangout'. So, in response toher question I hazarded a wild answer, "The biological father tooshould rum his hand periodically on the tummy in question, " Ilooked at her as I spoke to gauge her reaction to my answer. Butspoken communication is slow. She had already received a fasternon-verbal communication through the tactile sensation from herhand that fortuitously was on my small man, and the small man hadgotten all excited for no reason. She was delighted by the spokenand unspoken words and complimented me, "No wonder you come upwith the right solutions, you professor, " she beamed. She wentinto silence for a bit and said, "Yes, you are right. If thebiological father slept with the biological mother, thebiological child in the tummy would sense total security, That'swhat you are saying isn't it?" She had now put the balls in mycourt. Nicole is a smart and sharp lady. Her hand had gatheredintelligence and interpreted the tactile sensations reaching it.She had mastered the art of us making joint decisions bynon-flaccidity.The decision having already been made in principal, I had to goon with its implementation logistics, "I could ask Nick to comeand sleep here put his hand on your tummy". I also planted adoubt in her mind, "But he might be reluctant, it might disrupthis free floating life style." "Why wouldn't he? He gave me such good sex? I was all but inseventh heaven. And he himself enjoyed it so much that hewouldn't let me sleep much." Then she added with a concerned lookat me, "You didn't mind, did you? Or feel threatened?" I was quick in denying, "Oh no, as they say, a thing of beauty isa joy of all". I went on to alley the doubt I had just raised, "You know, we could have guesstimated his reluctance or otherwiseif we had some more data from your first physical examination ofhim. I continued to elucidate, "A man's bodily inclinations at agiven time are good predictors of his behavioral tendencies at alater time"."How do you mean, Haven't I already given you all details of myobservations from that phys exam?""Yes, you gave all your objective observations. But here I amtalking about your subjective observations. For example, when awoman plants an admiring soft kiss on a stranger's manhood, theman's body inclines itself either forward or backward. Theinclination may be very subtle, just a few millimeters. The sameinclinations are evident if she were to wrap her lips around hispenis head, in an act of homage to mankind in general or man inparticular. If in both instances her subjective observation isone of forward inclinations, we can safely predict the man wouldrespond positively to the idea of 'putting-his-hand-on-the-tummy'as you put it, " I said."Yes, come to think of it, in both cases I think I sensed aslight forward inclination. Is that good?" she asked, moving herhand to me under the sheet. She must have seen the bulge underthe sheet.I felt relieved that the questions that were on my back burnershad been answered at last. I said, "Yes, that is very good. Itindicates a high probability that Nick may make house calls, " Isaid. Her hand that had reached me where I like it best had toldher as much. "Sister has way with him, and I shall let her talk to him, ratherthan you talking to him directly, " She said. Women are indeedintuitive in these matters. CHAPTER 9: SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD? Nick started coming almost every day to place his hand on themother's tummy. He ended up sleeping next to the biological babystill in the tummy, and giving his many benedictions to thebiological mother. These benedictions made Nikhole feel like awoman in every cell of her body. As the tummy developed, I wasroped in to put my hands also on the tummy along with thebiological father. The king-size bed was large enough for all ofus. The would-be mother felt very happy sleeping between the twowould-be fathers. Sometimes she would ask me to kiss her tummy toshow her how glad I was that she finally got knocked up by Nick.You know, when you are in bed one thing leads to another. Westarted having a lot of fun before falling asleep all twisted andtangled. Nikhole had reasons to be happy. She was getting sexfrom Nick in a way I could only dream about. I was happy that shewas happy. No siree, we didn't spare the rods to spoil the child.(I must say to her credit, she asked me first if I minded her andNick sexing it up a bit while the fetus was on its way to becomea baby; it was for keeping the biological connection with thebaby she had said.) I will have to write a separate story describing all the fun wehad. But a good story is one that stops before limpness sets infor the readers. So, suffice it to say that as the monthsprogressed, Nikhole's stomach got bigger and bigger. Even thoughexpected, it always amazed me to see how big she'd gotten by mybrother's handiwork. (I was proud of him.) And she looked radiantlike never before. When we were out and about she was the perfectadoring wife giving me all the credit for impregnating her. Thatreally sent my self-esteem through the clouds even if it was onlyuntil we returned home. But it sufficed to keep my marriage notonly intact but great. As I said before, the threesome at nightwas more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Nick with his longer andseemingly perennially hard shaft, had no problem reaching herfrom the back and side. Sometimes we reenacted the first fuckingby Nick, with me guiding his boner into her. Sometimes I waschallenged to parallel what they were doing with an imaginarypartner. Sometimes I was blindfolded and asked to guess what theywere doing in real time. Sometimes Nikhole reached inside myboxer shorts and held my little man in her hands while Nick sawedaway at her cunt. Sometimes I got to tongue kiss Nikhole while hewas checking her oil levels with his dipstick. Sometimes I rodepiggyback on Nick and pretended it was my rod that had gonethrough Nick to her. On those occasions I also got a bird's eyeview of Nikhole's face going through the emotions of excitement, pleasure, joy, bliss, ecstasy, and satisfaction.CHAPTER X: BIRTH OF OUR SON WASHINGTONSoon it was 'due date'. Nick had been coming in less and lessafter Nikhole got past the eighth month. He started going forbridge nights with Sis. Thus, he was not there when Nikhole hadto be rushed to the hospital when she started dilating. "Breath honey, breath, that's right.""OK, Nicole, push now, push hard, " said the doctor. "That'sright, here it comes. Push. I see the head. Come on, anotherpu..."The doctor hesitated, then regained his composure. "Push Nicole, push."I heard the doctor stammer and looked up to see the nursesexchanging looks."What's wrong? What's going on?""Huh? Something's wrong? What?" Asked Nicole."Nothing, " said the doctor. "Just one last push." Nicolegrunted and pushed."There we go. A perfectly healthy little boy.""Let me see, " I said."Ah, well we have to wash him first and run some tests.." It wasclear the doctor was trying to hide the child from me."Let me see, God damnit." I went around and looked at the babythe doctor was holding. I felt the blood drain from my face. Iremember turning to stare at Nicole. I remember hearing her say, "Fran, what is it? Why are you looking at me like that?" Icollapsed unconscious.Later, I heard that frightened Nicole had asked the doctor, "What's wrong with my baby?" The doctor had simply handed her thebaby, a brown baby with facial features that clearly proclaimedhis mixed racial parentage. Nicole had started screaminghysterically. "That's not my baby. That's not my baby. Whatdid you do with my baby? Francis, please Francis, this is amistake. It has to be, Nickkkkkkkkkkkkk! It has to be! It hasto be!!!At that point she too fainted I believe. Mother who was there hadalso stormed out calling Nicole, bitch, slut and a whole lot ofsuch other words.Later, After she came from an extended stay at the hospital, Nicole had researched the biology of physiological inheritance -To be precise, Mendel's laws of inheritance. Then she accusedmother of having had Nick from a black man; just that he happenedto be one in a million case that exhibits only the mother's genesbut carry the father's genes hidden or recessively, which maythen show up in a later generation. The feud between themother-in-law and daughter-in-law had gotten quite hot for a fewdays. I had been numb and dazed. The hospital had recorded thebaby's name as Washington. May be they thought we would wash himand wash him to make him white! The social services departmenthad arranged for a 24 nurse to stay home and nurse the baby aswell as look after his physical safety.Then things happened, you know, things that happen will happenanyhow, as you may read in a sequel. The most puzzling things doget unpuzzled if one thinks a bit, like the famous nine dotproblem. I am sure you can think 'outside the box' and solvethings for yourself rather than seek my help. Large hampers of baby formula and other stuff as well as flowersfor the mother, mostly yellow roses, kept arriving everyday formonths. We also got lots of baby sports equipment as gifts andsamples from sports stores. Washington was quite a cute baby. Hewon us over.I have to confess that I have been having deep thoughts lately.Really deep thoughts, upending thoughts. Jesus said a better manturns the other cheek when hit upon one cheek. Also, Jesus said, 'Do not covet thy neighbor's wife'. (But he did not say anythingabout husband's brother, or brother's wife, did he?) According toJesus then, if another man hits on your wife, it is better toturn her over to him - all four lips and cheeks. It has also beensaid in all oily books that 'Man shall not fighteth another manfor his wife. For, he hath inherited the Earth that is full ofthe wife-kind'. In the Eskimo book of Husbands, it is writtenthat a good husband shall lendeth his woman to other men, forthem to hold, to enjoy, to penetrate, and seed. The book adviseshusbands to instruct the wife to be joyous in such sex, and makethe white milk spurt for world peace and harmony!!! Looked at in a different way we can take an analogy from the OldWest, where the Town Marshall deputized others, (a temporaryconscription) and organized a posse. I was my own Town Marshall.I conscripted Nick. He was my posse for the pussy that wanted toget into trouble. Nicole would have been a 'girl in trouble' ifit was not for my gentleman's ethics. Some of you readers may think I have fallen between the cracks inthe story. And some of you may think that I failed to get intothe crack. But I say unto you that it takes nobility of heart andmind to fall between the cracks. Didn't Gandhi teach that gettingbeaten by the big stick increases one's moral fiber? I am proudto say that my moral fiber has increased. Neither did I let woolbe pulled over my eyes. I just took the wool and ate it! Don't companies and corporations continue to merge (across oceansand nations) and make common cause rather than compete with eachother? They do so all the time. There is more profit in making acommon cause. So Nicole and I invited Nick to make common causewith us. The notion of one-man one-vote has in a twisted wayinvaded the realm of man-woman relationship: It has becomeone-wife one-husband. That is nonsense. Our modern society needsa paradigm shift in order to live a safe and sane sex life. If a man can love and sex more than one woman, as most kings, noblemen, and mythological characters have done through the ages, why shouldn't a woman be polyandrous and love and sex more thanone man? Research is said to show that in polyandrous societiesthere is more domestic tranquillity, and almost no harassment ornagging of husbands. A sexually satiated woman is a non-naggingwife. Polyandry infuses us with the notion of caring-sharing. Thesharing-caring elevates both him and her spiritually. It expandsand stretches, among other things, one's notion of I, me, mine.It shrinks selfishness and makes it limp like a spent penis.Through sharing of his woman, a husband learns to include morepeople in his love-net. In fact in the Hindu sacred epicMahbharta, the heroine takes five husbands all at once. And sheis one of the holy deities that modern Hindus of today venerate.Polyandry and polygamy makes society as a whole become atemptation island. That would make reality TV shows just mundanestuff not worth watching. So, polyandry has got to be a step inthe right direction for universal brotherhood/sisterhood. It is amotherhood issue.The moral of this story is that if you want to be a devotedloving loyal husband you have to accept your wife the way she is.True love wins over physical love every time. Some of you may bethinking that I am a cuckold, I have been cuckolded by my wife!It is not so, absolutely not! My wife has not humiliated me atany time with respect to sexing. In fact she has been giving memore affection and love. She respects my opinions and she takesme into confidence in any decision that affects us. A cuckoldhusband is one who likes to watch his wife sex it up with astranger. I have not at any time watched my wife sex with astranger. A cuckold husband is one who makes his wife dressprovocatively and takes her to bars and restaurants and makes herpick up a stranger to go home with to get fucked. That has notbeen the theme of my story, as you know. So, I am not a cuckold, just a bit old, that is all. I am a guy with a heart that is abit larger and a penis that is a wee bit small and soft. Youcan't fault me for that. In fact, according to a survey done myMichael K. Smith that is supposedly archived, most men who loveto read wife stories are like me. THE END

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