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Sex Adventure

By - Apr 30, 2005 2030 What had Calvin gotten me into this time? Keri was apprehensive but excited as the plane touched down at Savannah airport. Calvin had arranged this weekend at Hilton Head promising 'three days you'll NEVER forget, at a fantasy beach club for the adventurous. The South in August can seem like the hottest and most humid place on Earth. Calvin thus felt a little sorry for his friend Keri. Keri's parent were planning to spend the month touring the Orient and didn't want to leave her alone at their home in upstate New York.
As he waited for Keri to arrive at the airport, he realized he hadn't seen her or her family for over two years. His job at an advertising firm just didn't allow him to take too many trips. He had gone through a long, drawn-out divorce during the past year that had also forced him to stay in South. He hoped he would recognize Keri. He thought of her pretty face and long blonde hair. He had always thought that she was a very beautiful woman.
When Keri came through the gate he instantly recognized her. As she made her way through the crowd his eyes feasted on her. She was wearing an orange dress that ended mid-thigh, which also revealed bared shoulders. Her skin was a deep brown from a summer of tanning, her hair long and blonder than ever, and her lips were full and pretty. His eyes than riveted to her breasts. They had perhaps grown the most since he had last seen her--full-sized, 34 C or D cups, he estimated.
Calvin drove through the gates of a large plantation and stopped in front of a huge mansion house. We carried our bags up the steps and I rang the bell. The door opened and we were greeted by a beautiful girl about Keri's age in a sexy maid's uniform. Calvin told her who we were and she invited us inside. She took us to our suite which was large and nicely furnished with antiques.
"After you've freshened up, please join the other guests for cocktails at the pool." She said then left the room. I watched her walk down the long hall, her firm upturned ass swaying with each step. Keri noticed my fascination with the servant girl.
"Calvin dear, you're drooling. You like them young dont ya Calvin" she teased.
"She does have magnificent legs I'll grant you that, but there will be more than enough of that later and all the more stamina, my dear Keri, all the more stamina..." I replied
Calvin picked a paper off the desk. "This is the agenda for the weekend. This afternoon is the pool party where we can meet the others and get aquainted." He explained that the people who came here were all 'adventurous' in their own way. Some straight, some gay but most were into scenes with both men and women. "You'll see. "It's an opportunity to explore new territory and test your limits a little." Keri was bitting her lower lip in an effort to control her self then her tounge snaked out and licked her lips.
"Mmmmmmmm, sound delightfully delicious" she laughed. "There are a few fantasies I want to act out that I never had the opportunity to do before." she said, with a mischeiveous glint in her eyes.
We went up to the room and and unpacked everything. Keri rub her shoulder and said that someone should redesign those airline seat and make one that a human can sit in comfortably. She said that all that flying in those uncom comfortable seats has made havok to her muscles. Me being the quick one one that I am (in more ways than one) walked over to Keri and started massasing her shoulder.
"Oh that feels so good" she moan.
"You know, " Calvin said with a sly grin on his face, "it works alot better if I could Massage your skin rather than your clothes. It usally works better that way."
"Oh of course how silly of me" replied Keri. So Keri started to undress her self but I interceded.
"Let me help you with those, you had a long hard day of traveling now its time to relax." Calvin said
While unpacking the clothes earlier Calvin noticed some exotic oils in the bathroom. On the bottle it said "good for baths and/or massages." Well, he thought, I am giving her a massage, he also find a bottle called "Cherry Flavored Love Cream" and he took that also. When he got back to the bedroom he was greeted with a beautiful sight. Keri was laying there on her back on the bed totally nude. God she is gorgeous he thought. He loved how soft and silky smooth her skin looks. How her beautiful sculpted back meets her perfect ass. How her long and lean her legs look and all of it encased in a beautifully golden brown body. He wanted to do more than massage her body.
"Hey are you going to give me a massage or just stand there and hold a bottle while drooling all over the carpet???"
Calvin, now broken out of his "contemplation", proceed to do the task at hand.
First opening the bottle and pouring some of the liquid onto his hands and then starting with her neck he gently massaged it, kneeding it caressing it with his strong yet gentle hands feeling the muscles in Keri's neck loosen up.
"Mmmmm" Keri moans. "Boy does that feel soooo good".
Calvin moves his hands from her neck to her shoulders and arms, gently caressing kneeding, massaging all the way. He goes back up and starts on her neck and works downward to the middle of the back. Taking care not to miss any spots. Calvin did the back of her legs with equal care then her round ass. Keri rotated her hips as he kneaded her globes thoroughly. As her fingers worked up Keri's spine to her neck and shoulders her back arched and I heard a satisfied sigh escape her lips.
Calvin told Keri to roll over and licked her nipples. Soon his fingers found her pussy. He lightly stroked her soft furry mound. Just aimlessly moving his fingers over her pussy, between her lips, in her hole, very gently touching her clit.
"Keep working on my pussy. I love having my cunt stroked like that"
Keri began to tingle all over signaling an approaching orgasm. It was a subtle one but it felt real nice. Keri gently rocked her hips and purred as Calvin made her feel wonderful.
"Wait" said Keri. "I have a better Idea, but with this idea you have to take all of your clothes off." Keri grins evilly and in no time yoru clothes are all off and standing before her stark naked. She appraises you approvingly.
"Now come over and give me that bottle of "Cherry Flavored Love Cream" she says.
And with that she takes the love cream and spreads it all over her tits and makes little piles on her nipples then she draws a line down one tit toward the center and up the other one then from the center all the way down her body making a small pile on her belly button and a large pile on her pussy, then she lays down on the bed, spreads her legs wide and says " I'm a Cupcake ! come and eat me!!!!" Yummmmmmm Yum!! That cherry flavored cream mixed with her body is about the best tasting stuff you ever tasted, as you start slurping it off the closest tit until you eat it all up. Then following the line to the other one you keep on licking and sucking. Keri is moaning softly and holding your head with both hands gently caressing you as you go upon your way. She shudders as you reach her belly button and moans a little louder when you continue downward As you get to her pussy she starts to shake gently and finely as you lick the last of the cream from her clit she shivers violently as her orgasm reaches climax, She quickly flips you on your back and starts spreading the cream on you basically the same way it was on her. Only she begins licking and suck.

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