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Best sex positions to keep pregnancy away

Best sex positions to keep pregnancy away

Best sex positions can always be fun and excitement, but you need to take extra control so you just don't get pregnant, especially if you are trying not to have a baby. There are a number of couples who maintain their best sex positions so they can have baby. For some couples they may also try to seek help of a fertility expert, but for some getting pregnant is an easy task. There are both positives and negatives as both couples may or may not want to have pregnancy as the outcome of their sexual intercourse. In case you are an aged couple and you certainly may never want to get pregnant then it is important that you have a better understanding of maintain best sex positions. In some cases it may in fact be little bit difficult to maintain the-best-sex-positions Best Sex Positions as you have to ascertain that the sex position is best so you don't conceive. So you have to ensure that you Don't Try these best sex positions if you are not trying to get pregnant. If you want to maintain best sex positions for not conceiving then avoid Missionary positions. This is the type of position in which males are generally on top of the females well secured between her legs. This should always be avoided so you don't reach maximum penetration. This is also one way so your penis is never closer to her cervix when ejaculating. When you go for doggy style the penis is always closer to cervix and so there are more chances of sperms being deposited near cervix. This also increases the possibilities of conceiving, so in case you are planning not to get pregnant then please avoid this best sex positions. If you are looking for the-best-sex-positions Best Sex Positions for not getting pregnant then avoid scissors. In this position both male and female are generally on the opposite sides of each other. This is also one best position if both want to touch each others sex organs. If you want to maintain best sex positions to avoid pregnancy then maintain L position. This position is best created when you join your hips with your partner's thighs. These are some of the best sex position if you want to conceive or not, but you have to keep in mind that these are just not fool proof methods. Sex is just about birth control, but it more about fun and excitement. Maintain your best sex positions such that you get more fun and excitement with your partner in the bed.
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