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Christmas with Shauna And Jean

By Anon - Dec 12, 2004 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 3835 I'd met Jean the previous summer while vacationing in Palm Springs with Shauna, my girlfriend. Now Jean was coming up to visit us over the Christ- mas and New Year's holidays. Shauna was excited about Jean's visit, saying she'd enjoyed our vacation down south. We'd gone to Palm Springs, staying in my boss's "winter house", and she ran in Jean, on her summer break from UCLA. Shauna brought Jean back to the house, introducing us and inviting her for dinner. Jean's looks are incredible. She's tall, about 5'9" or 5'10", lean and tanned, long blonde hair (middle of back) and a smile that'd tempt a god. Her breasts are small, but lovely, her legs are lean and trim.
We ended up having sex in a threeway and Shauna discovered many firsts about herself on that trip. She discovered she was bisexual, that she could have multiple orgasms and that she could get turned on by and turn me on by "dirty" talk. We picked Jean up at the airport, kissing her and greeting her warmly. I took both girls out to dinner at a nice, quiet Italian restaurant. We talked about how things were for us, Jean talking about how busy school kept her. Shauna, no longer that "shy", broached the subject first, telling Jean that she found she could actually make me come by just talking dirty.
They both laughed, remembering our 3-way in Palm Springs (Jean likes to watch too, and she's the one who started Shauna talking dirty). We paid our bill and took Jean home with us, talking excitedly all the way home. Inside our apartment, Shauna showed Jean around, showing off the new toys I'd bought (the stereo and vcr), and the well stocked kitchen. Jean looked around and sat on the sofa, smiling. "Ummm, " She started, "Where am I going to sleep?" Shauna didn't miss a beat, "With us of course!" Jean stood up and kissed Shauna on the mouth, squeezing her breast. "Hey now, " I said in mock seriousness, "I thought the host'd get one too!" Jean turned to me and kissed me on the mouth, her tounge sliding into my mouth, hungry and wanton. Her hand rubbed my stiffening cock through my pants. "C'mon." Shauna said quietly, leading us both to the bedroom. Jean paused and picked up her suitcase, following us into the bedroom. The girls kissed again and I started to undress them. I alternated between them, unfastening one button on Shauna's blouse, then one on Jean's. Back to Shauna, then Jean. I kept this up until they were both topless, still kissing each other. Jean's nipples stood up hard and firm, Shauna's were the same. I rubbed my hands over their tits, feeling how warm they both were. I moved to place their blouses on a chair and Jean whispered something into Shauna's ear, causing them to laugh. "Take your clothes off and get in bed." Jean said. "We'll be right back." They took her suitcase and went into the bathroom, laughing and snickering the whole way. I dimmed the lights, leaving just a bare flicker in the bulb from the dimmer switch. Undressing quickly, I slid under the covers to await these horny women. Their giggles and ooo's and ahhh's in the bathroom made me stiff, wondering what they were up to. "Ready?" Shauna called out. "Yep!" I called back. The bathroom lights went out, throwing the room into temporary darkness. They waited until their eyes were accustomed to the dim light and slowly crept into the room. "Close your eyes!" Shauna laughed. "No peeking!" Jean reminded. Eyes closed, I felt them move onto the bed, then a hand covered my eyes. "Keep 'em closed until we tell you!" Shauna said. I mumbled my agreement and waited, feeling them move about. Seconds later I heard one of them gasp slightly and my cock throbbed with anticipation. "O-Ok. You can open your eyes." Shauna said, her voice soft and sexy. I opened my eyes and ooo'd at the girls. Shauna was on her back, legs wide around Jean, and Jean was wearing a strap-on dildo, sliding into the hot red-trimmed bush before her. Shauna was cupping her full breasts, her fingers pinching the nipples. "Surprised?" Jean asked. "Ohhhh yesss." was all I could manage, my cock ramrod hard. "I've wanted to fuck this sexy bitch ever since last summer." Jean hissed. "Now why don't you let her suck your cock while I fuck her hot pussy?" Shauna and I moaned together, feeling horny. I moved over and her hand guided my cock to her, taking my head into her warm mouth. She sucked my cock while I pinched her nipples, watching Jean rock her hips and that dildo into her. Jean pulled back and out, showing me the size of the dildo -- it was about 10" long! She slid it back into Shauna's steaming pussy, and her words started out dirty and got down right nasty as she began her own orgasm. "Oooo, suck his cock!" She hissed. "Suck it, make him cum in your mouth! I want to watch him cum in your mouth while I fuck your sweet pussy. I'm gonna make you cum sooo much! Make us both wet with your creamy cum. Suck it. Yeahhh, suck him deeeep, make him cum!" I was getting very excited by her dirty talk and Shauna even more so. Her hips were rocking up to meet each thrust. "Oh baby, you're such a hot slut...sucking his cock while I fuck you! I wanna see him flood your mouth full of cum! I want to see him cum all over your face...your tits!" Jean was really hot, ready for her own orgasm. "I'm going to tounge your clit when he cums, bury my face in your pussy! Lick your pussy and eat you 'til you cum too!" Shauna couldn't concentrate on my cock anymore, she was too close. I sat back, stroking myself, watching them fuck each other. Shauna used her voice to help Jean's impending orgasm. "Fuck my pussy! C'mon bitch, I LOVE it! Fuck me with your dildo! Make me cum! Make me cum and I'll rub my juice all over your face! You'd like that wouldn't you? -- my hot little slut!" I felt ready to come too, and I reached out and started pinching the nipples of both girls. "C'mon you hot, wet, little sluts. Make each other cum! Cum for us! I want to taste you both!" I hissed at them. "I'm gonna suck your cunts all night long! Licking your cum from your thighs!" The both came, moaning and thrashing, Shauna's legs locking around Jean's lean body. Shauna's hips kept rocking, pushing the tickler back against Jean's clit, making her come again. When they finally settled down, I kissed them both, thanking them for quite a thrilling show. We cuddled, Jean laying on top of Shauna, me beside them, caressing them both. When I unstrapped the dildo from Jean's hips, Shauna rolled over and said it was her turn, taking the contraption and fitting it around her waist. I looked at Jean and saw her rolling over, licking her lips and spreading her legs for Shauna. An idea dawned and I kissed Shauna and turned to Jean. "Do you want to be REALLY fucked good and hard?" I asked. Her hand on her pussy, she answered "Ohhhh yesss, fuck me good tonight." I pulled her on top of me, and laid down, my cock sliding easily into her drenched pussy. Jean knew right away what I had in mind (she'd fantasised about it since buying the strap-on) and Shauna was looking confused. "Fuck my ass Shauna!" Jean moaned. "Fuck my ass with that big cock!" It took some work, but we managed to get that enormous dildo in her ass, and I could feel it sliding back and forth inside her. Each stroke that Shauna made also stroked my cock. In and out, back and forth, Shauna leaning over to dirty-talk us both off. "Ohhh Jean, baby, you're such a hot slut!" She hissed. "A cock in your dripping wet cunt and a big thick one up your ass! Ohh your sooo hot, wet and slick!" Shauna had been rubbing Jean's cream all over Jean's ass and her own tits, making them both wet and slick. I could feel Shauna's orgasm in her voice as her talk got progressivly hotter and nastier. Her words made me feel like I was going to explode inside of Jean's pussy. "I'm gonna fuck your asshole nice and hard, make you cum with your holes filled full! When he cums inside you, I'm gonna pull him out and hold him against your hot wet pussy, watching it spurt cum all over you. Then I'm going to lick it off your dripping cunt!" Jean started coming loud and hard. Her hips rocking against twin cocks buried inside her. I grabbed her and pulled her down, sucking on her large nipples, tounging her areola and biting her nipples. She screamed. Shauna's sudden withdrawl from Jean's ass suprised me and I felt my cock begin spurting a gallon of hot white cream. "Ohhh GODDD!" I cried. Shauna pulled my cock from Jean's pussy, still spurting cum. I felt her mouth around me, and I felt warm wetness dripping against the root of my shaft from Jean's sopping pussy. Shauna put my cock back into Jean's pussy, and Jean eagerly rocked me, keeping me hard. Shauna moved, coming up to our sides, and grabbed Jean's face, kissing her hard. Jean's response was to come again, her pussy contracting and milking my already spent cock. I looked up and saw Shauna pulling back, a long white string of cum running down her breasts. Jean saw it and began licking it off, her hips rocking frantically against me. The girls laid down, Jean sliding wetly off of me, her head diving for Shauna's sweet pussy. While they continued, I took the strap-on that Shauna had laid aside and went to the bathroom to wash it off (and compose myself). When I came back, I could see Shauna on her back, licking Jean's pussy as Jean leaned over and pounded the redhead's pussy with three fingers. I stood and watched and they both came, seconds apart, making loud noises together. Fortunatly, most of our neighbors were gone for the holidays! Satisfied for now, we all cuddled up and slept. Jean woke us at about two a.m., sucking on my limp cock and fingering Shauna's pussy. Aroused, we both kissed while Jean kept working us both. After about thirty minutes both of us where terribly horny and Shauna made the first move. She grabbed Jean and pulled her up, kissing her for a moment before rolling her onto her back. She pinned Jean's hands down by her head and slid up against Jean's tits. "Fuck me with your tits!" Shauna commanded. "Oooo yes. I want to feel you cream on me." Jean moaned back. "Get your cock in her. Fuck her tight pussy hard for me." Shauna hornily commanded. "Fuck her so she'll fuck me with her tits. I'm gonna cream all over your nice big nipples." I slipped into Jean's pussy, fucking her hard and fast. I was careful not to come, as my position gave me a new, exciting idea. I was watching Shauna's pussy open and slide over Jean's small tits, hearing the wet noises she made each time her lips let go of the nipple. Shauna was dripping wet, literally, and her juice was making Jean's nipple and chest all shiny. I refused to let Jean wrap her legs around me, holding them up or pushing them down. I had to be free at the right moment. Jean's filthy talk exciting me to the edge. "Fuck me. Cum in me!" She said to me, then to Shauna, "ohh shit, you wet slut! Cream on my titties. Let me suck your cream. Spread it all over my face and tits!" Being held down, Jean found light restraint fun (she could've broken it any time), and the sensation of not being able to move freely drove her wild. "Ohhhh, baby!" Jean went on, "you're sooo wet! Sooo wet and creamy! Cum for me! Cum on my tits...make them wet and slick with your creamy cum!" I felt myself started to come, the urge to slam into Jean almost overwhelm- ing. I pulled out, hissing my own contribution to our dirty talk as I moved up and slid hard between the lips of Shauna's sopping cunt. "I'm going to fuck her, cum in her cunt for you Jean." I hissed, grabbing Shauna's tits from behind. "Feel my balls moving? I'm gonna spurt deep into her hot slit, filling her with cum!" Shauna moaned, ready to come herself. Jean's hips were rocking and I'm sure her eyes were glassy with lust. "I'm going to cum, then pull out and let you eat that hot jism from her soaking pussy!" Shauna's pussy grabbed my cock, squeezing hard. "I'm gonna CUMMMMMmmm" I shouted, dumping all my cum into Shauna. Shauna came too, and her hips pumped me for more. Jean's hips were now thrashing on the bed, lifting me against Shauna. I pulled out and pushed Shauna's ass up to Jean's mouth, seeing her drip both her cum and mine as she moved up. I turned around and kissed Jean's clit, intending to lick her pussy until she came. The touch of lips on her engorged clit sent her over the edge, her legs locking straight out. I caressed her hips and thighs while watching Shauna greedily hump the her mouth. Jean's chest and neck glistened from wetness. I told Shauna to turn around, giving Jean a breather. She half stood, her eyes glassy, half open, lustful. Her hand rubbing her clit, I drew her down toward's Jean's pussy, stopping above it. I pushed my cock at her. "Suck it slut." I hissed, knowing that would set her off. "Suck that wet dripping cock." She swallowed me straight down to the root, amazing me with her mouth. Shauna seemed lost in a carnal world, ready to do anything. Jean lifted her head an made some hand motions. I tossed her the strap-on and she used it by hand on Shauna's well fucked, cum drenched pussy. "Did you like fucking Jean's mouth?" I asked. "Cumming all over her face?" Shauna moaned. "Remember the last time, " Jean said to Shauna, "that he came in my mouth? All that hot cum dripping onto my tits? His warm sperm running down my neck, my tits, and into your mouth?" Shauna let go of my cock to moan and cry out. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! I'm c-c-cummmmming!" She fell onto Jean, convulsing around the massive fake cock inside her clenching pussy. She shook and moaned for a while, then started kissing Jean's mound, thanking her in the best way, for making her come. We laid on either side of Jean then, rubbing the come all over her and making her feel warm and loved before we drifted off to sleep, hugging each other. The following morning we rushed to do some last minute Christmas shopping and back home to wrap the gifts. While the girls wrapped gifts, I excused my self and left on an errand, returning about an hour later. We were due over at Shauna's parent's house for an early Christmas celebration, then off to a party given by some friends of ours. Jean of course was well known to Shauna's parents, having been one of Shauna's best friends in high-school, and we all shared a lovely afternoon, opening presents and eating good food (Oh! Could Shauna's mother cook!). Just before dinner, Shauna came over and she whispered in my ear. "Jean and I aren't wearing any panties tonite." She laughed at the shocked look on my face. In fact, both Shauna and Jean were wearing only garter belts and stockings under their almost ankle-length dresses. I found out later that they'd changed while I was on my errand. All through dinner I found myself fighting a building hard-on, especially as Jean kept looking at me with one of her seductive looks. The presents went quickly, and Shauna's younger brother suprised us all by buying Shauna an emerald green teddy that tied on the sides. It was silky, satiny, sexy, LOW cut and very risque. Even, to my suprise, eliciting a "Ummm-Hmmmm!" from Shauna's dad. All in all a nice way to have fun. We left and hit the party, now in full swing. Jean was welcomed and found several friends that she hadn't seen in a while, talking excitedly with them. We enjoyed the party, but everytime she could Shauna whispered one word in my ear, just to remind me..."panties". Shameful wench! I fought the hard-on again, and tried to enjoy the party (wondering which of the other women were dressed the same way). Jean introduced me to one of her girlfriends, a very attractive brunette with sparkling blue eyes, and the three of us talked for a bit. While the brunette was talking about something Jean excused herself and whispered into my ear. "Meet me in the bathroom in two minutes. I want to suck you off." She simply walked away towards the bathroom. I must have looked very em- barrassed, as the brunette looked at Jean too. She said something about Jean not handling the spiked egg-nog too well (she hadn't had any). We talked and Shauna came over and guided the brunette away, giving me a wink. I walked to the bathroom and lightly knocked on the door. Jean opened the door slightly, and let me in. "Suprise!" She said, standing there in just her garter belt and stockings. She knelt down and unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock. I was checking the door to the bathroom every three seconds to be sure it was really locked. Fortunately, the house had three bathrooms, so no one would pound on the door, demanding entry. Jean sat on the floor, her fingers in her slit, sucking me like a woman possessed. She looked up at me and cupped her tits together, daring me to cum all over them. This was more than this old boy could handle, what with voices right outside, people milling about, and Shauna knowing what was going on. I unloaded my sperm into her mouth, in body wracking gushes, hearing her swallow my come. After I came, she kept some in her mouth, and using her fingers, spread it on her tits. I lifted her up and kissed her, not caring about the cum in her mouth and told her she was a shamless little slut who needed a really good fucking later tonite. We dressed and casually rejoined the party, Jean smiling after fixing her makeup and hair. I noticed her move over and share a whisper with Shauna, and Shauna's impish smile to me. We stayed another hour, watching as some guy and gal were caught in the garage, his head between her legs. We left and drove home, about a thirty minute drive. Shauna: "Well, did you enjoy cumming in her mouth?" Me: "Ohh Jeeezus! You two are dangerous!" Jean: "Hmmm, you tasted good. Did you really mean it about fucking me?" This talk went on and I wasn't suprised to see Shauna and Jean fingering each other in the car. Me to Jean: "Did you tell Shauna about your tits?" Jean: "OH! I forgot!" She explained to Shauna about rubbing my semen on her nipples, saying that it always made her sooo hot. Shauna of course had to taste them, in the car, on the freeway! Somehow we managed to arrive home, fenders intact. Halfway across the threshold, Jean started to unzip her dress. "Un-Uh! Not yet!" I warned. We went in and unwrapped several Christmas presents, with me handing them one addressed to them both. The eyed the package carefully and gleefully ripped the paper off. "Oh my God!" Shauna cried. "Oh boy!" Was Jean's repsonse. Their gift was a long, 18" double- headed dildo, and electric vibrator with several controls (more on that later), and some scented body oils. They both kissed me several times saying that we'd have to put them to good use. We laughed and suggested several ideas, when Shauna got up and came back with a small package. She handed me the gift, the tag saying "From Shauna & Jean". I opened it slowly, teasing them about it. While I opened the box, both girls laughed, waiting to see my reaction. I looked inside and found only a note, written carefully in Shauna's graceful script. It said: "By the time you read this, we'll have used your present for most of the night already. We bought them for us all, but they're yours, to make us your hot and horny sluts any night you want." I looked up, somewhat confused, until Jean and Shauna demonstrated. They both lifted their skirts, showing me their sexy garter belts, and each removed ben-wah balls from their pussies. Jean said she'd never been so horny in her life, and that trying to stay dignified at the party had been driving her crazy. Shauna told me that she'd wanted to rip our clothes off and fuck us both right there in the middle of the party. Only Jean's idea sounded more fun and exciting. We all hurried to the bedroom, laughing excitedly. I wanted to watch both girls "play" with their new toys, and did they ever! They both took turns using the 18" double-dildo, then both together. They lustily talked to each other and me, making us all very horny. Riding the double-dildo, they brought each other off quickly. While they rested, I sparingly rubbed some of the scented oil on Jean's nipples, finding the aroma and taste pleasant. Shauna demanded her turn, and I switched oils, using one that got warm after you put it on. I put this sparingly under her breasts, running a line up to her nice little nipples. She ooo'd and ahh'd at the sensation, rubbing of the oil on Jean's breasts too. I let them play for a bit, and brought out the vibrator. Asking for some "volunteers", I finally chose Shauna. The vibrator was one that had a head that pistoned back and forth, and allowed you to bend it, making the "plunge" off-centered. It also had a small "tounge" that moved rapidly, aimed right for the clit of the lucky "volunteer". I turned it on, and moved it down to Shauna's excited pussy, Jean holding her in her arms. The little vibrator slipped into her pussy easily, and I kept my finger in the way of the flickering "tounge". Shauna ooo'd as it pistoned in and out of her, telling us how good it felt. I moved my finger aside, letting the "tounge" flick on her clit. Shauna gasped, her hips moving up from the bed. "Ohhhhhh!" Shauna gasped. "God! That tingles!" Jean was pulling on Shauna's nipples and rubbing her tits, and Shauna was rocking her hips up and down against the double-teaming she was getting. I watched as Shauna pulled Jean's head down, kissing her fiercely. Thick, white cream came from her pussy, her hips rocking faster. I turned up the controls of the vibrator, making her rock even faster. "Ohh God! Ohhh yesss! Hmmmmm yesss!" Suddenly I turned the controls down, making the change rapid and obvious. Shauna moaned her displeasure, her hips still moving to the same fast rhythm as before. "Give it to me! Make me cum!" She pleaded. Her hands clutched Jean's arms, her eyes taking on that lusty look. I turned it up again, slowly, increasing the speed faster and faster. Her hips rocked and shook as she moaned and cried out, deep in her estacy. Jean was holding her, cupping her tits, smiling and watching. I waited. When her orgasm came, Shauna raised her hips high off the bed, moaning loudly, arching her back and closing her legs. I barely managed to remove the vibrator from between her legs before she caught my hand. She stayed arched for long moments, then fell onto the bed, her hips still rocking and thrusting. As she calmed, I bent down to kiss her orange bush, intending to say "you're welcome". I kissed her just above her clit. Her legs opened, and hips arched, and my lips found her wet slit. I licked straight down, just as her hands pressed my face against her pussy. I tasted her delicious cream, and she rocked her hips against my face hard and fast. I kept licking her and moments later she came again, covering my face with her warm sweet juice. "Ohhh God! Oh my God! Ummmm, yesss, Ohhhh." She purred as she started to relax after her second orgasm. I sat back, my face shiny and wet, smiling at her. "Now, do I know how to pick Chirstmas presents or what?" Shauna laughed lazily, and Jean chuckled. I crooked my finger at Jean, calling her to me. "Your turn lucious." Jean slipped over to me, her eyes telling me that she was ready and very highly aroused. She kissed me hard, her tounge licking Shauna's wetness from my chin and lips. Jean lay down next to Shauna, reaching over to caress her orange bush. I slipped the vibrator between her legs, and switched it on. Jean moaned right away, her hips quivering as the flickering tounge worked on her clit. I varied the speed several times, drawing out her rising orgasm. While I did, Shauna whispered into my ear an idea she had, and I agreed. Shauna took the controls of the vibrator, changing the speed much more subtley that I did. I knelt next to Jean, stroking my cock while Shauna began her part of her idea -- talking. "Don't you looove the way it fucks your pussy?" She started. "The little tounge tingling your clit? Spread your legs nice and wide for me. That's it show me your pussy." Jean's eyes were closed, her hands cupping and kneading her tits, pulling roughly on the nipples. "Oooo. He's going to cum all over you while your pussy tingles!" Shauna cooed to Jena. "I'm gonna watch him cum all over your titties while your pussy creams. I want to see his cum all over your delicious tits." Jean opened her glassy eyes, trying to focus on me. She licked her lips and cupped her tits up to me, offering them. "Cum on me..." Jean barely breathed the words out. I was nearly there, and Jean's hips were rocking, her carnal instincts had taken control of her body, making her wanton and lustful. I told Shauna to move up next to me. When she did, I placed her hand around my cock, telling her to jack me off onto her girlfriend. Her hand stroked me fast, trying to beat Jean's onrushing orgasm. "Ohhhh, I'm going to jack him off on your tits Jean. Make him shoot all his creamy cum onto your nipples, your tits, your face and in your mouth. I'm going to pump his cum all over you tonight...lick his creamy jism off your tits...rubbing all over your pussy...making you cum too!" I felt my cock swell up, my hips thrust forward, the rush starting. "Ohh yes! Here he CUMS! Shoot your cum all over our sweet Jeanie!" A tremendous rush and my sperm flew out, landing on Jean's neck, dripping onto the valley between her breasts. Another rush, this time a thick white stream spashing against her face and cheek, running down the side of her face. Another gush, this time Shauna had pointed my cock at Jean's tits, and a pearly white gob of cream formed on her right nipple, running wetly down several sides of her breasts and her fingers. I was still coming when Jean let out a long cry and her orgasm arrived. "Ohhhh yesssss....uhhhhhhhh!" My cock spent the last of it's cum onto Jean's chest, and she was rubbing it all around her breasts and nipples, her tounge licking some from her lips. Shauna sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, tounging the last drops off greedily. When we finally sat back, watching Jean calm down and relax, we all cuddled again, and drifted into a lazy sleep. This went on until New Year's Eve. I'd come home from the few days I had to work between Christmas and New Years, generally finding two lovely women waiting at home. One night, I came home and found them cuddled on the sofa, naked, obviously having a good time in my absense. I cooked them dinner and let them enjoy the rest of the evening together in the bedroom, while I sat and watched a movie. They called me to bed and we made it once before we all fell asleep together. Another night, they cooked dinner for me, having it ready as I came in the door. Their sexy looks clued me that I was going to be desert that night. They had used their ben-wah balls all day, going out shopping and such, and were terribly horny. They gently tied me to the bed, taking turns getting each other off while I watched. When I pleaded for them to have mercy, they took turns sucking me until I came, letting me come into both their mouths at once, watching them kiss as I creamed. It's a wonder that I could do any work at all that week... Shauna was terribly excited about New Year's eve, and we'd already talked about a nice "quiet" night in bed together, ringing in the new year. I just figured that she was looking forward to it. Little did I know that they'd gone out of their way to rig a very special suprise for me! About seven p.m. several of our mutual friends came over, saying that they were roving from party to party, inviting us to come along. We declined and thanked them politely. After a while the gang left in someone's large van. All but Alicia. I'd always liked Alicia, she had a friendly and pleasant nature. To say she was pretty was an understatement. Only five foot two, but beautiful brown hair, curled attractively around her face. Her brown eyes were soft and gentle, her full lips invited kisses, and her tight, slim figure enticing. She was sexy without trying to be sexy. Just so very nicely put together that to change any part of her would have done an injustice. Alicia stayed and we talked until about nine p.m., switching on the TV to watch the crowds in Times Square. We made comments about crazy New Yorkers, braving the freezing cold to stand and cheer a new year. Someone shut off the sound as we talked. Some how the subject turned to sex outdoors, then to sex indoors, but strange places. I found myself getting aroused by the frank discussions the girls were having. Jean mentioned wearing the garter belt and stockings (but nothing about wearing or NOT wearing panties) to Alicia. Her eyes went wide, and she ooo'd saying how sexy that was. I agreed, saying that it made it difficult for me to keep my hands off. Laughter. Shauna said that she'd worn hers with me when we went to a movie and that she...hadn't worn panties! (Oh shock!) Alicia laughed, looking at me and asked Shauna if it worked. "Worked? When I told him he got so hard in the theater I thought his pants would rip!" Shauna laughed (I blushed). Alicia laughed, saying that she liked to do that sort of thing too, but didn't really like the garter belt and stockings -- to cumbersome. Alicia had found some "panty-less" hose that did the same thing and were much more com comfortable. This time Shauna's eyes went wide and she pleaded to know where she found them. Jean wanted to know what they looked like (so did I). It was about ten fifteen when Alicia said she was wearing some now (with panties) and would show them off. The girls went to the bedroom and after about five minutes I could hear laughing and excited voices. I turned the volume up on "The Year in Review" program running on the tube, trying not to rush back and see what was REALLY going on. Some ten minutes later, Shauna came out, stark naked, followed by Jean, equally naked leading tiny Alicia by the hand. Alicia wore only her special "panty-less" hose and I could not believe what I saw! She stood there with the girls, laughing at my wide-eyed stare, and I drank in her lovely form. The part that had my attention was that her bush was not dark and full, but neatly trimmed into a heart shape, covering only about one-third of her mons, and was very light brown, almost as blonde as Jean's! Staring (probably open mouthed too), I watched while Jean turned and took Alicia's face in her hands and kissed her long and deep. Shauna stood nearby her hand rubbing between her legs. They kissed each other in turn, with Alicia walking calmly over to me and sitting in my lap to kiss me. I could barely keep myself from having an orgasm on the spot! I kissed her, my hands caressed her soft lean form, cupping her small (32b) breasts into my palm. Her tounge was making promises that she was going to have to keep. Shauna and Jean sat next to us, and it was Jean who said softly "Shall we invite her to our little party tonight?" The girls let Alicia have the honor of removing my clothes and we all sat in the living room, touching and caressing each other. I was really suprised when Shauna told me what she and Jean had in mind. "Lets go to the bedroom. We want to watch you make love to Alicia." Shauna told me softly. "We want to be there watching you two while we make love right next to you." We went to the bedroom and began our little foursome, with Alicia and I moving slowly, each learning what the other liked. When we back to fuck, with Alicia on top of me, I worried that I'd hurt her because she seemed so tiny. She lowered herself onto me, her pussy damp from the lengthy tounging I gave her and she began to rock, leaning forward to kiss me passionately. Much to my suprise, Shauna and Jean were very quiet, kissing and caressing each other, watching us. After a few minutes, Alicia's hips were moving in a wild rhythm, her head back and her hands on my shoulders, riding my cock into estacy. I grabbed her hips and pounded my cock into her, slamming her down onto me, giving her the hard fuck she seemed to want. "Yesss. Fuck me hard." Alicia said softly. "Cum for me Alicia, cum." I crooned to her. "Fuck me. Cum inside me." She replied. "I'll fill you with cum Alicia. Fill you full." I sensed her getting even wilder, letting go entirely. "Yesss, baby, fill me with your cock." She whispered. "I want you on your back, your legs around me." I said none too softly. Her eyes opened and stared at me, a hot, fiery, carnal look. She slowed and stopped with me deep inside her sopping pussy, breathing hard. She fell onto me, kissing me wildly with her tounge. We rolled over, embraced, inter- twined. With me on top, her legs locked around my waist, I began to move inside her, quickly building the pace. She pulled me down, bringing my head to one of her small breasts, the nipple covering most of its end. I sucked it into my mouth, swirling my tounge around her areola. My hands slid under her ass, cupping her up to my cock, slamming her against me. I WANTED her, and I was having her. I wanted her to come, just as I did, sharing the pleasure that she was giving me. I barely heard Shauna tell Jean, "Eat me." I saw Alicia look over just as my head turned. Shauna was on her back, her head towards the foot of the bed, legs spread, left leg held back against her stomach by Jean. Shauna's fingers were rubbing her clit, while Jean's tounge probed her slit. Jean had her hand on her own pussy, her fingers dancing. I looked back at Alicia, who turned her head back to me a second later. Her eyes had that half-lidded lustful gaze, and sweet Alicia suprised me. "Fuck my cunt! Fuck me. Cum deep inside my juicy, wet cunt!" She hissed. "I want you to cum...cum in my pussy. Then after you get hard, I want you to cum in my mouth...all over my tits...I want your cum all over me!" I suddenly found myself aroused and almost ready to come from her very unexpected lusty talk. The way her voice sounded, her eyes, her lips, all had the effect of bringing me so very close. I could feel her pussy getting tighter around me, milking me already. I let go and returned her words. "I'm going to fill your tight cunt full of cum." I hissed back at her. "Then I'm going to pull out and shoot more on your tits...your face...into your mouth...cover you with hot, creamy cum...make you wet all over!" Her pussy contracted around me, her orgasm starting. I could hear one of the girls next to us starting to come too, moaning softly. "I want Jean to eat me when you cum!" Alicia cried. Jean was busy with Shauna, but I came anyway. I plunged into Alicia's tight pussy with several savagely primal strokes, then erupted with like a fire-hose deep inside her. I spurted and gushed what felt like a gallon of cum into her, pulling her tightly too me. Her pussy spasmed and milked the sperm from my cock. Her legs wrapped tightly around me, pulling us even closer together. We lay panting and sweaty, holding each other, with my cock softening in- side her drenched pussy. I leaned back, looking into her eyes, her soft brown eyes, shining with happiness. We watched as Shauna got off again and Jean brought herself off while tounging Shauna. Alicia kissed me on my chest lightly. "Ohhhh, thank you soooo much!" She said, leaning up and kissing me. "I've never found a guy who could talk dirty like that and have me believe it." "You're welcome sexy." I said, feeling her pussy squeeze me tight after. Jean moved over to us, asking Alicia if she enjoyed it. She did. Jean reached down and rubbed Alicia's heart-shaped bush, then she slid her mouth down and licked the bare areas of her mons. I could feel Alicia's pussy contract slightly around me as Jean worked her way down. When she finally found Alicia's slit, she pushed me back and out, covering Alicia's tunnel with her mouth. Alicia moaned softly. "Yesss. Ohhhhh, yesss." I sat back, my cock only semi-hard, and watched. Jean was moving her head back and forth, licking cum from the small girl's pussy. Shauna moved over and sucked on me while we both watched Jean continue her tounging, bringing Alicia to another climax. Shauna brought out the toys, showing them to Alicia, who no longer seemed sweet and innocent, just terribly enticing. Shauna used the double-dildo, putting one end into Alicia, the other into her and leaning over, bending the plastic cock in half to kiss and lick the small tits of Alicia. Jean and I sat and watched as they continued to fuck each other, Shauna entranced by the small breasts so different from hers. Jean got me hard and sat on my cock, facing my feet and feeling up both Shauna and Alicia's tits. For the most part, I just sat and watched, enjoy- ing the spectacle and Jean's eager pussy. Shauna was about to come, with Alicia not far behind. Jean urged them on. "Yesss. Cum. Fuck her." She said to them both. "Fuck each other's cunts while we watch. Can you see this Alicia? His cock's in my wet pussy, ready to cum. I'll let you eat his cum from me this time. Suck my pussy and make your face wet." Alicia looked, her eyes glazed over with carnal lusting, her pussy filled, her tits being sucked by a hungry mouth. She began to come with Shauna, her hips bucking against the fake cock. Shauna's head came back, her mouth open but silent, her eyes closed. Jean pulled off of me, and turned around, her lusty voice asking me if I was ready to come again. She pulled me onto my knees and started jacking me off towards Alicia's small tits. Both girls were now lost in a carnal universe, their hips rocking wildly. Jean spoke for the benifit of everyone's orgasm, including hers. "Yess. Cum. I'm going to jack him off all over Alicia's tits...we can both lick that creamy cum from her nipples...I want to see her covered in cum...her tits shiny and wet...her mouth wrapped around your dripping cock." Alicia suprised everyone when she let go. "Yessss. Jack him off on my tits...suck my tits off...lick that cum from me...rub your cock all over my face...I want Jean to rub her cunt all over me too...Shauna's cunt juice on my tits...cover me with your cum...everyone... cum all over me...soak me...wet me...cum everywhere...cum...cummmmmmm!" Alicia's orgasm shook the bed, making Shauna come with her and Jean came close behind. I took dead last. I put my hand over Jean's faltering grip, and came all over Alicia's tits. Several long white streams ran down her chest and stomach, some over one nipple ran down her side. Jean almost fell onto that nipple, her tounge licking wildly. Shauna was several seconds behind, opening her eyes later than Jean. Three hips moved lustily as they tounged Alicia's tits, licking my sperm from her. Alicia's hand came up and pulled my cock into her mouth, sucking the last drops from me. We heard the fireworks then, and the horns and noisemakers. We looked at the clock, and saw that it was just midnight. What a way to bring in the new year! Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams

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