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Sex Books, And More Sex

Sex Books, and more Sex

By Dale Harrison - May 26, 2008 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 6382

So he grabbed his bag and went to see her, when he went in she was bent over putting a book back on the self. So quietly he crept over and standing behind her he pushed his hands up her skirt and started couresing her ass cheek. She moaned and looked round to Jordan and smiled seductively. Jordan led her over to a table and bent her over it face down. She then told him to go and the rope from behind the desk and tie her feet to the table and her hands behind her back, he did and to his surprise she fitted across the desk perfectly with her ass over one side stuck in the air and her head over the other. “I going to rape you Miss” he whispered in her ear and then lifted her skirt up, he then slapped her ass and got out his phone took a few videos with it and then put it on a shelf on video mode.

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