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The Big Success of Sex and the City Series and Movie Around the Whole World and Its Significance for All of Us

The Big Success of Sex and the City Series and Movie Around the Whole World and Its Significance for All of Us

In the movies section, both the Sex and the City series and movies are like in the shoes section Jimmy Choo Shoes, or like in the universe of jewelries Tiffany_s. That makes in our world the dream universe. With the 4 girlfriends of the movie- Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte- we feel like our lives is turning around, our fantasies get wings and suddenly, all around us seems reachable, pinker, more beautiful. So I ask myself: is this movie a successful one? And I will answer with a proper and sincere YES! Each character is presenting a type of personality, which, I would say, is found in every woman, but in different proportions. Let_s start with Carrie. She is the home-working journalist, shopaholic, fashion addict and deeply in love woman, who is a dreamer. Everything she does or decides is focused on finding the truth and endless love she deserves. Nothing seems to matter to her, but to be happy with a decent and great guy. Now what girl doesn_t dreams of having that guy is her life? Then there is Charlotte, the typical housewives, who wishes a happy marriage and kids. This is all what she needs from her perfect life! And to be honest, what girl doesn_t want that to happen to her? At different age, it_s true. But the majority of girls realize at some point that family is the essence of our lives. Samantha, the woman who knows what is fun and who likes to break the rules, is that crazy part of us which is afraid of compromising or getting involved into something serious, which we know we would handle only with a lot of work. This is natural and is almost a necessary part of our character. Miranda gives us the image of a hard-working and ambitious woman, who wants to succeed maximally both in her career and her family life, without neglecting none of them. She is the modern woman, who wants to show to the entire world that you can have it all. And don_t we all want to show the same thing to every one? As a conclusion, I would say that the fact that the movie represents more types of personalities, which can also conduct to one and com complete character contributed to the great success of this movie. It_s almost a paradox that there are four personalities, yet it_s one; and that they are experiencing a dream world, which is also the real world if we take time to observe this. Don_t you think the same way? You might also be interested on other similar topics which you can read at populiculous populiculous
Everything is possible!

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