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Jewelry inspired by the movie: Sex and the City

Jewelry inspired by the movie: Sex and the City

The fashionable women of the hit HBO series Sex and the City take Manhattan by storm with their trend-setting sense of style and have already hit the big screen once in a blockbuster movie based on the hit show. Always the fusionists, the fierce foursome are responsible for creating some of the hottest designer and jewelry trends to date. Since they've already signed on for a movie sequel, we thought we'd take a look at each of the lady's unique sense of jewelry style.
The heart and soul of Sex and the City, Carrie's the ultimate style icon. Because of some of the jewelry that she wore on the show, certain pieces have topped the list of must haves across the country. For example, the signature emitations necklaces. 'Carrie' necklaces that she wore started a trend that is still popular today. The horseshoe pendant necklace that she sported is as iconic as the pink cosmopolitan sipped on the show. Carrie's jewelry choices also included fun twists on classic pieces such as a peace sign pendant necklace or emitations bracelet1. charm bracelets.
The all American girl, Charlotte was a true romantic at heart, and wore jewelry that reflected her feminine side and well-to-do upbringing. Charlotte's love of all things proper, she gravitated toward single strand emitations necklaces. pearl necklaces and earrings. She also made famous the bow shaped pendant and paid homage to classic cuts of diamonds.
The hard headed work-a-holic sets up her signature style with bold pieces and whimsical jewelry sets. The red head is best known for accenting her short sassy do with duster or dangly earrings in gold or beautiful stone settings. She also plays with colors that compliment her hair color, using royal blues and aquamarine in her accessory choices.
The confident vixen struts her stuff in outrageous jewelry that is as bold as her personality. Samantha loved signature cocktail rings, such as the two fingered flower ring that she received as a gift in the movie. She also took risks with funky neon geometric earrings, large Lucite bracelets and animal print bangles.
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