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The Sleek and Sexy Flip Mino Review - Is it Worth It?
By Mike Wong

Are you looking for small, great 'take anywhere' video camera that can easily fit in your pocket? Then you'll probably want to take a look at Pure Digital's latest offering, the Flip Mino. The Flip Mino is the successor to best selling Flip Ultra video camcorder which has sold more than a million units. In this Flip Mino review, I'll take a look the features of the Mino and its advantages and disadvantages compared to other models.

The first thing you'll notice when you take your Flip Mino out for a spin are its sleek looks and its small form factor. The Mino comes in two colors, white and black and it's about the size of an Apple IPhone. It fits comfortably in your pocket and allows you take the Mino with you anywhere, ensuring that you don't miss those important moments when you need to film something. With its small size, it packs a 1.5" LCD display for viewing and editing your videos. Its 2 GB of flash memory allows for an hour of VGA recorded video at 640 x 480 resolution. It also comes with a built in rechargeable (lithium ion) battery which is handy because it saves you from spending money on a bunch of AA batteries.

The signature of the Flip cameras is the flip-out USB arm that allows you to easily plug the Mino into the your computer for editing and sharing your videos. The included software makes it a breeze to upload your videos directly to sites like YouTube or Myspace. This is the main selling point of the Flip, as its ease of use allows anyone in your family to use it, not just your resident tech geek.

Compared to more expensive units, the Flip Mino's video and sound quality is average at best. It's small size also carries a premium price, as its about $50 more expensive than the Ultra, and $80 more expensive than the Creative Vado. Still, if you're looking for a great, easy to use and small video camcorder for under $200, the Flip Mino should definitely be on your list of video cameras to check out.

Mike just got his new Flip Mino and he loves it. He found it so easy to use, that he even bought one for his mom. If you're looking to purchase a Mino, check out flipminoreview flipminoreview for Mike's comprehensive look at this video camera.

Mike_Wong Mike_Wong

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